Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday, must get busy.

     I really must get organized this week as I leave for Sissies on Saturday morning and I am a financial mess.  Bills must be paid  and shop work must be completed.  I need to know where I stand and I feel it is on quicksand.  I am scared that I won't make it through the summer, I keep telling myself it will be okay.  Just keep plugging along. I have utility bills that need to be paid for July and then I can pay August utilities when I get back.  I hate juggling but so far it is part of my life.  It is one I part I hope to be able to give up this year.  At least that is a new goal for next year.

     I am going up to clean the kitchen and maybe fix my hair.  I have already had a bride here and I have another coming at 2.  Must get busy.  I need money to pay the house payment at the end of the week. I have $435.00 so far.  I need another $125.00.  I can do that.  I must leave some money for Hub's to live on and be able to put gas in the car.  There is plenty of food in the house.

     I need to go through the shop and get it cleaned up and organized.  I have been so busy in there it looks like a bomb went off.    

     Okay I am off to the races!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Doesn't it stink to have to pay bills? ;) I am in the same boat. The end of summer I always feel like we are in quicksand before school starts back. I did end up paying all of our bills yesterday, and have very little left over. But what are you going to do... Hopefully things will pick up once I head back to work next week. Hope you got a lot done today!

  2. Please don't take this the wrong way, because I admire your work ethic and commitment, but if money is always that tight, why are you traveling to visit your sister? Why did you go on vacation for a week? Why did you drive up to the university just recently wasting gas if money is so tight? We have had very tight times in the past and years back my family gave up going places for vacation and ate a lot of generic boxed mac&cheese just to make sure the bills get paid and get paid on time. Eventually, it pays off and you get ahead of the bills, but sacrifices need to be made.

    Think about it, hang in there and know that I am routing for you to get to a place where life is easier.

  3. I would not consider driving to see a beloved sister to be a money-wasting trip. And I don't think that the vacation was costly, either. If you can't do these things, even on a tight budget, what is the point of living and working so hard? My question is around the studio and whether that is worth the money it costs. I know that it is a passion of Kim's, but I wonder if you should be charging more for the work you do on all those costumes or for the classes themselves. I'm guessing you think that the parents wouldn't pay higher prices, but maybe they would. You should not be losing money on the endeavor. I hope that you will start to think about how much time you put into it and how little money (if any) you make on it, and consider rethinking how it all gets funded. You might consider raising the base rate for everyone but giving discounts/"scholarships" to those who prove a need. Just a thought.

  4. All of these are great comments. Yes, and yes. Money is tight because of debt, but I can pay my bills. I refuse to live on peanuts while I get out of debt. I want to enjoy my life, and the plane ticket was bought with points on the Studio Credit Card. I know there are certainly place I could cut back. Just don't do it. Please continue to read me as I complain. I love the comments and they do make me think.