Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday, schedule set. Update after Sluggy buttkick!

     We were able to set this new schedule for the studio last night and with a few tweaks tonight I should be able to send out all mailers tomorrow.  Later than I wanted but oh well.  I did not get the tomatoes canned but I did get them picked, so that is a step in the right direction.

     I was able to get one annoying project done in the shop.  I spent the rest of my sewing time working with one of my dancers on a new Champion mock up dress.  Right now it looks like a band uniform with nothing is on it so it is a work in progress.  It needs to sit today while I work on money making things.

     I have an appointment to meet a sewing client at noon and then take the car in at 1 p.m. I hope it is not an expensive fix.  Ugh.  To many bills not enough money.

     I did not get anything done I wanted done yesterday and I hate that. (ok I did get a studio schedule set) So today I am going to try to be a little more productive and maybe finish something!  Novel idea that is........

1. Laundry? Okay all in wash, one to dry yet! Done!
2. Ironing?
3. Tomatoes?  Canned 7 quarts, picked 4 more to do later.
4. Mailers for studio? Okay took them to staples they will b done in the morning.
5. Advertising for studio?
6. Sewing for clients?
7. Dinner? Made a large tomato and cucumber salad, sliced cucumbers in vinegar and egg salad.
8. Watering?  I am 1/2 done,need to do the front yard. Done!
9. How about finding the records to update July's totals?
10. Sit down and pay bills.

Nothing in particular order, just finish something or at least make progress! Hey I am up and dressed that is better than yesterday, I think?

Someone needs to kick my butt.......

Trying to have a productive day, I know it will be great, but productive?