Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday, watching crap TV.

     I have been sitting up late at night doing hand work on wedding dresses and watching crap TV.  Since the kids gave us NetFlix for Father's day it has opened up a whole new world of (Wholesome) entertainment.  We have not had cable for 27 years so we have been relegated to the 7 channels that we can pick up with our antennae.  One Local station, one network, and 2 PBS and then the rest Christian TV.  Always a great source of knowledge late at night.

     So I stumbled upon the show extreme couponing and it reinforced all the reasons I don't get into coupons for saving money.   I watched at least 6 episodes at 21 minutes apiece.  These people all bought the same things.  Hand soap, detergent, mustard, nighttime sleep aid, BBQ sauce,cases and cases of sport drinks, large bottles of soda, and some kind of precooked or fast serve noodles, Easter candy.

     Then they were so proud of their stock piles.  Enough soap, and lotions and potions to last a life time,  Condiments forever.  I will eat BBQ once in a while but do your really slather all of your food in sugar?  Medications and beauty products do go bad.  100 bottles of orange soda will lose it's fizz unless you are going to drink it non stop.  I found them ridiculous.  Now some did donate extra free stuff to the local food bank, but even the food bank needs things other than mustard and BBQ sauce.

     Now I do use coupons when they are available and it is something I will use.  Rivulet just posted about several coupons printed out at her store that were great.  But to spend hours and hours of my time clipping coupons so I can buy 100 bottles salad dressing.  No Thanks.

     I would rather take a seed put it in a little pot and then watch it grow and harvest the produce.  Okay maybe that is a time waster also, but at least it is food I will put up and eat.

     Okay done with my rant.  As pure junk entertainment you can't beat this kind of  TV.

What are your thoughts?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. BBQ sauce is so easy to make with just a bit of honey and some tomato sauce. Add spices to taste like garlic powder, etc. No one needs to drink soda and if you truly are trying to save money you don't buy soda. Much better to do as you said Kim, and grow your own food or buy it from the farmers market and make real healthy food with it. Not only will you save a ton of money but you'll be much healthier.

  2. I've watched that show a few times and had the same reaction. They buy a zillion boxes of cat food - and they don't have cats! Seems incredibly wasteful. Not to mention the four hours they spend in the checkout line! Actually, I think some of it is staged. They filmed one near us at a Lowe's grocery store and the store admitted that they changed their coupon policy just for the show ... and then regretted it when all was said and done. And now I think I'll go pick some tomatoes and cucumbers from my little garden :)

  3. Agreed, so much of the crap they "buy" is over-processed, unhealthy convenience foods and stuff I would maybe need once or twice a year. Its such a waste, but clearly for them it is the thrill of the game. I don't get it. Much rather spend my time growing my food and making from scratch then filling in with generic staples from my favorite discount grocery, Aldi.