Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday, Why try to leave town?

     I swear if I try to leave town something always happens.  We were out of cell phone coverage for less than 48 hours  and my mom has a heart episode.  Of course this was a short trip so we really told no one what we were doing.  When we finally got into range yesterday the first message I get is that mom is undergoing open heart surgery.  As this was the first message to come through it wasn't the true message.  Things turned out not to be as bad as was first told to my brother by the medical staff so mom is doing well and that crisis is averted for now.

     It was about 75 in the mountains up by the fish weir and we had such a good time.  Cool, comfortable, no cell phones ringing, just reading books, taking walks, eating, campfires, smores.  It was great and I wish we could have stayed longer.  There was a pretty big rain and thunder and lightening storm Saturday night that woke us up and scared me, I think I elevated off the bed when the lightening lit up the tent like daylight.  But the storm was over 10 miles away.  We stayed nice and dry and comfortable.

     Yesterday after we got home and had everything with mom straightened away, Hub's and I unpacked everything and put away all gear, and cleaned up all the food. We have enough left overs for dinner this week.  I think I threw a tire weight as I have lights on in Hubs car and I have to take it in this afternoon.  Cruise won't go on alignment light is on and check engine light.  All came on at once when I felt a slight bump in the drivers side back tire.  So he took the truck to work.  This is much more expensive on gas.

     I really need to pick tomatoes and can at least 6 more quarts.  I will do that tonight when it cools off.  I am now officially behind in the shop and need to get my butt in gear, I mean seriously.  Last night D#2 and I put together the schedule for next year at the studio and I will meet with all the teachers tonight to go over things, then we will do a mass mailing tomorrow or the next day.  I also have to set up an add in the newspaper.

Out My Window:  Yard is a mess, lots of garbage to take to the dump and weeding to do, but until I am caught up in the shop it will stay as it is except for picking produce and watering.  My new chickens that should start laying in the fall are laying already.  I am getting pullet eggs, and I have never had this happen before.  Do Americana's lay earlier?

     I am waiting for a customer to come in and I need to start the laundry from camping. Other than that I will be sewing my little heart out until I am completely caught up.  I also need to money!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. So your mom is okay? Sort of? How scary for you though to get that message! I'm glad you had a little get away and that you got to enjoy the storm without having it right on top of you :) Welcome home and get cracking with that sewing!!

  2. How scary about your mom. I remember getting a phone call about my mom having a heart attack back in 2004. It was the scariest thing, as my dad couldn't get a hold of me as I had left my cell phone off and only turned it back on that night at my boyfriend (now husbands) house. I hope your mom is doing ok. And I hope you got a lot done today! :)