Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday, up early!

     I just took the professional Irish dancer I had staying with me to the airport.  Ugh 5 in the morning.  I am not a morning person.  But I did go out front as the sprinkler system was on and I found about 6 sprinkler heads not working correctly.  It has rained so much here we are just now turning on the water.  So I am glad I found this out before we wasted a lot of water.  Today I will be weeding the front yard and fixing sprinkler heads, also replacing plants that are ugly because of too much rain.  Now I am wondering what did the sprinkler guys do when they came to turn the system on?  They are supposed to check every line and make sure the heads are working properly.  So they will be getting a phone call on Monday.  I think they came and turned it on and looked at nothing.

     I also need to do a ton of ironing as I have no summer clothes left to wear.  I always promise myself that I am going to iron them as they get out of the washer but I don't. Then when I am standing naked in my room I quickly realize that I have to go iron something to wear.  Okay I know ironing is old fashioned but I wear cotton in the summer. 

     Daughter has worked the last two days at Penneys and will work Saturday and Sunday.  So she is getting some hours.  She also has three days of sitting coming to her.  I am so glad she is able to earn some money.

     I am also going to make a grocery list for the coast.  We will take Monday to get ready.  We also have two of Hubbies second cousins and their kids coming for dinner tomorrow after church so I had better plan a menu.  Hmmm.... corn on the cob, water melon, cake and ice cream, baked sweet potato fries, chicken.  I can make the cake and I have plenty of ice cream in the freezer.  I need to use up the sweet potatoes and corn and melon are on special at the store. Chicken is in the freezer.  I am trying to do this on the cheap and use up what I have in the way of groceries.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful days, some clouds and rain but mostly sunny.  Love it!

     Sewing coming into shop in dribs and drabs. But it looks like I will have plenty to do when I get back.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, vacation starts at 4:30 p.m.

     When hubby gets home at 4:30 this afternoon we will start our 10 day vacation.  Yeah!  Actually we won't leave until next Tuesday but we will be getting ready to go.  I still have sewing to do and I have been so lazy.  I think my mind went on vacation last week.

      I have the neighbor boys again today but they are really good so they don't  require much watching.  I am just here if they have an emergency.  Like a bee sting (that was yesterday)  They have worked the dog to death throwing the ball and the chickens are hiding their eggs,  they are having fun so I will leave it at that.

  B started her 1st day at Penneys (which I believe will be in chapter 11 soon) I really like the changes they have made to their store policies, I personally hated all the stupid coupons.   I only buy towels at Penneys.  My mother always told me not to shop at stores that sell elastic waist pants.  If they couldn't offer tailored clothes you should not be shopping there.  So why does my mother where elastic waist pants now? Questions? 

     So what are your feelings on the new health care bill?  Do you think it will hold?  Do you think it is right?  Do you think it will help or hurt?

     As a person who will never be able to get other health insurance besides what I have, not having insurance is scary for me.  When my husband quits the State I will have no way to get benefits under the old plan as I have a very expensive pre-existing condition..  But I also know that the really good drugs to treat this condition are not offered to people who have government health insurance like Medicare or Medicaid.  So I may be screwed anyway.

     Out My Window:  The cherry tree is ready to pick so I will send hubby out there this evening.  That is how he will start his vacation.

     I am going into my shop to get something done.

Have a great and productive day! 


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday, on a more postive note.

     Sewed like a demon yesterday.  I have more to do today.  But still no real extra money.  I am also watching 2 of the neighbor boys this morning as their mother lost her sitter.  So I may make cookies this afternoon to entertain them.  I paid all the bills yesterday for the month and we are broke.  The story of my life.
    On a more positive note I was able to get $495.00 into a savings envelope for the house payment.  I was trying to prove to myself that we could give up the bank and still have enough to pay a house payment.  With the shop so slow this has been scary, but I did it.  I feel pretty good about this. 
 We will not have to pay B's rent again on her apartment after this month and we have one bill that is $525.00 that will not have to be paid in July. August has three pay periods so we can catch up.  It aggravates me that we cannot use that extra paycheck toward debt payoff like I planned, but I will get rid of that bank and that has it's own rewards.  Once the studio is open again I plan on taking home a salary of $1000.00 a month.   $500.00 every two weeks.  The studio will be open 7 years in December and I have never taken home a salary.  With all the CC debt gone I will be able to do this finally.

     Part of me is a little blue because it will mean a slower payoff, but I am hoping I will adjust.  You know how it is when you get a new car payment and you think that you can afford it and then the first payment comes due and you think okay now I have no money for this or that because I have a car payment.   But eventually you adjust. You figure out how to pay the bill or you earn more money.  I just have to remember to live for the day and get through the summer.

     It has rained so much here I am losing large flower pots to too much water.  I will have to replant a couple due to drowning.  I have never had that happen before here because it is usually so dry here. But first time for everything.

     I talked to my mo  today and she may come over toward  the end of July.  That will be nice.  I love it when she comes.

Out My Window: It is warm and beautiful today!

    I need to get into the shop and get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday, New Credit card, finally

     Okay, okay for someone getting out of debt why am I excited about a new Credit Card?!  Because this one is issued by my Credit Union, it is for the studio and has a much lower interest rate!  I can finally say good by to the US Bank card that I hated.  I can finally say goodby to US Bank.  Yes I am going to close the card.  I may get dinged, but I just don't want to deal with them any more.  I do have about 87.00 in rewards to collect from them and then adios.  Now I have a studio card to order costumes and I don't have to deal with the ridiculous interest.

     When you start to make progress in debt pay off, paying on time, paying more than the minimum balance, not charging or adding to balances, having an emergency fund that can be traced, cleaning up a bad credit report, you feel like it is a never ending process and everyone is biting at your wallet, but if you persevere in about a year or two (depending on your situation) you will be able to go to a CU and get reasonable terms.  Your credit history will give you a leg up.   But you must take the steps first.

       Did you see the great post by RHitter at Destination Planet Debt Free?  She was so bummed about her truck and then she went to the CU and got really good terms and refinanced her car at a much lower rate and dropped her payment.  Yeah, score.  Now a year ago neither she nor I would have been able to do this.  We have had to really work ay this debt payoff thing and get our financial houses in order.

     Daughter has another job interview today at Starbucks in her college town.  So she is going up to see if it is a better offer than Penneys although we don't have a work schedule yet.  Maybe she can do both.  She also gets to babysit again on Friday.  I am starting to panic about her going back to school in 6 weeks with no money, so our concentration is on her right now.

     The shop is still technically slow.  I have bridesmaid dresses, but no real piles of work.  I have been home or answered every phone call.  I thought it maybe would be busy before the holiday with people going on vacation, but nothing so far.

Out My Window:  Rained over an inch yesterday!  We are waterlogged.  But it is beautiful this morning.

     I will be busy in the shop today.  Have not been able to add any money to envelopes this week at all.   So I need to get moving.  Still have not paid my bills but will do it today!  I have to.....

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday, volunteering others!

     My daughter is supposed to start a new job this week at Penneys.  Not our first choice but it is a job.  She is also cleaning the bank I gave up right now so this will give her a full time work when combined.  Yesterday I over heard one of my dance students say that her mother had started a new job as a lead nurse and she had to go home and help the babysitter with her two younger brothers.  I know these two are a handful but really cute little boys.  So I told this dancer that B had not started her day job yet and would be glad for the work if they ever needed a sitter.  B wasn't that happy with me, but her dad said go ahead and grump about it and now grow up and get to work.  It is time for you to work and make up for all the time you have had off.  So she is sitting all day today and maybe more.  If she can work all three jobs she will have more than enough to pay her schooling in the fall.  We are trying to get her to see what a blessing this is.  But it is hard when you are a baby elephant.

     I was able to rip and start 3 bridesmaid dresses yesterday.  I will finish them this morning and then I have two others.  I also have 5 pair of pants to hem and a few other odd ball things.  I hope more work comes in this week.  I could really use it.

     Out My Window:  Raining like crazy here and the temp is down 20 degrees, but this is good for the studio as the dancers get so hot when it is hot.  So I am not going to complain.  I want really nice weather next week at the Oregon Coast.

     One of the neighbor hood boys stopped by last night after we had dinner.  His parents are gone for the month and he is home working for college money.  He comes in with his skate board looking like a scrawny scarecrow and I asked if he was hungry.  Well yes he was.  He ate both of the left over salads, two chicken breasts and a bowl of cereal.  Hubby did not get any chicken for his lunch, but had a good laugh over how much this young man could eat.  He thought is was a blessing he raised girls.  I think the kid misses his mom's cooking.

     I am off to take teacher that is staying with me to the studio and then I must come home and sew all day.  I am blessed with work.  Yippee!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday, late post

     I started the advanced workshop today.  15 enrolled so I was happy with that.  I will be able to pay teachers and all bills through summer.  I have quite a few bridesmaids dresses to get done this week.  I also have a professional Irish dancer staying with me for the week.  She has stayed here before and  such a nice talented girl.  My students love her!  I hope to post more tomorrow, but I am so behind right now.  Did you hear me say I was behind! 
     I also need to pay end of the month bills.  Sleepy, but I need to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday, budget, yeah right!

     Thursday night at about 10:30 we get a call from our daughter (youngest) that her car had suddenly stopped just as she was pulling off the highway into her University.  What do you do at 10:30 at night?  We told her to push it to a spot where she couldn't get towed and walk to her apartment a few blocks away.  I called a tow truck the next morning, we do have towing insurance.  Well there is no one in that town that works on Volkswagen, so we check the next closest town Nope!  So the car has to be towed here at the cost of over $200.00 (Luckily towing will have to cover it)  She had her front axle break. The tow truck driver was horrified because she had just come off a steep hill on the highway going 65 mph.  She had slowed down to turn in to town when the axle broke.  If she had been on the hill she would have gone end over end.  Most people do not survive such a crash because of speed.  So I am trying not to be grouchy about the $297.00 repair bill.  I spent Friday morning teaching and fielding phone calls about this car.  Our internet also went down for over 24 hours.  Frustrating.

      Here I am trying to not spend money and stay on budget and I just spend and spend. On a good note daughter did get a part time job, so with her small cleaning job and this she should be able to get some money put away for school.  She has also agreed to sell this expensive car.  It is a darling car but a gas hog and very expensive to fix.  It is low to the ground and has a turbo engine and is not conducive to the rough roads and heavy snow and ice in her college town.  She had to park the car most of the winter.  Hallelujah!

     She is thinking of not having a car at all now that she lives on campus.  People were always after her to take them places.  Not that she needs to be selfish, but she felt taken advantage of especially with gas prices.  Speaking of gas (actually writing about) our prices have dropped over .25 a gallon in the last month.  Gas is 3.69 here now and will be falling even more as the out lying areas are cheaper.  This is such a huge thing for us.  It cost 8 dollars less to fill the car.  Since we use about 6 tanks a month and we save 14.00 now when we fill the truck this is almost $75.00.  If gas drops to closer to $3.00 like they say it will by fall we will have about a $150.00 savings.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.

     Shop is still slow, but I have gotten several bridesmaid dresses in.  Also a wedding dress and more are coming.  I would rather do fast easy work like hemming pants, but I am happy to have several hundred dollars of  work come in, hopefully I can make enough this week to stay on budget and have a little for vacation.

Out My Window:   Warm, actually hot one day! 

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday, have you ever?

     I was reading Andrea at "so over debt"  I really like her.  She was talking about coming to the realization that you have a problem with over spending and debt.  I felt compelled to post about this because I am a debt aholic.  She talked about declaring bankruptcy and still going out and finding more cards to charge up.  Now some of you will be shocked by this, but I remember so clearly my parents coming to my house about 12 years ago and paying off $28,000 worth of Credit Card debt for me (I had to pay it back to them and did)  But I could not wait for them to leave and before they could even back out of the driveway  I was on a phone charging 2 pair of Irish dance shoes.  Over $200.00 that I did not have.  I racked back up over $70,000 worth of debt again after I paid my mom and dad back.  Now granted some of that was medical and some was start up costs for a business but much was just me living large.

     Have any of you ever done anything so stupid?  What made you stop and take control?

     I just remember about 5 years ago feeling like I was living with a sucking chest wound.  My Mom called and asked what she could do to help.  I told her nothing, I had to do it myself.  I was the problem.  I could blame my husbands poor work habits, I could blame his low wages, I could blame my health care costs, but really it was me.  No amount of money was going to solve this problem.  I am not perfect but I truly think before I spend.  I also do not blame others when I am stupid and lack self control.

     Getting out of debt is hard, it is a slow drawn out process sometimes taking years and years to accomplish.

     Out My Window:  I think it might actually be HOT today!  I can't wait.

I did get three bridesmaids dresses in yesterday, but it is still very slow!  I am getting anxious about this.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday, dreaming about spending

     I can always tell when I am over stressed and close to a show because I dream about dancing.  I actually choreograph all night long in my sleep and wake up exhausted.  I am now dreaming about spending money.  Last night I dreamed that I went to a dollar store and bought about $10 worth of useless items just to spend money and then I had to confess to my blog.  So what gives?  Is it the need to spend or the lack of spending potential that bothers me?

    Again I had no work come in yesterday.  So I have had the three slowest weeks on record.  I usually have at least $75.00 a day come in and usually $100.00.  I don't know what is happening. But please remind me of this when I am bogged down again.  I did have 2 people pick up so I was able to add $30.00 to the gas envelope.  I did not sew at all yesterday.  But I made myself stay busy so I wouldn't feel sorry for myself.  I paid a few bills, did laundry, organized and deposited a couple of checks from this workshop.

     I have my web-site guy coming over tonight to work on a site for my sewing shop.  Just one page so I can pop up under several titles.  I am listed on the web in the yellow pages, and I am carrying my cell phone with me at the studio so I don't miss calls. 

     Out My Window:  Although the sun shown yesterday it only got to 72 which by my terms is COLD!
It is the first day of summer, in Sweden this is a huge National Holiday!  The longest day of the year.

     Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday, slow.....frustrated....

     I had 6 students attend the workshop and I needed 5 to break even.  I would have loved more but I am grateful for what I received.  I had NO work come into the shop yesterday although I had people pick up and I did sew hard yesterday when I got home from teaching.  I had $275.00 come in so I fully funded the house account this week and next week and I put $20.00 in the gas envelope.  I should have more picked up today and will continue to fund gas and grocery envelopes as the week goes on.

    I am irritated as Hubbies commuting partner is always gone.  Yesterday hubby went to meeting spot and ended up driving the truck to work!  That cost us about $15.00 and today he took the car about $10.00.  It was not his week to drive!  I am so frustrated, because now I will have to come up with the $25.00 extra for gas.  I swear this guy takes more time off than anyone I know.

     I have a few bills that I need to pay today or tomorrow, other than that I am trying to have a few no spends this week if possible.  We leave for the coast the week after next and I really have not been able to add to my vacation fund.  I do have enough in savings to pay for gas and the motel, but I will need extra money for food.  We will have a kitchenette so we can cook at the motel.  But I would sure like a few hundred extra dollars.  I will have to go check the backyard and see if money is growing on any of my trees.

Out My Window:  It is supposed to be warm today so far not above 70.

     Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, workshops start this morning

     I start a beginning workshop this morning.  I sure hope the turn out is good.  I had good response but until you actually start you never know.
     Envelope system is still in swing, but rough.  I have the house envelope with $125.00.  I will add to that first this week.  I did realize last week that $75.00 is not enough the weeks hubby drives for gas.  So I am going to add $75.00 more this week for gas even though both vehicles are just below full.  We will not have to gas up until next weekend.  Food is another matter.  I am looking at at least $75.00 a week and if daughter is here a little more.
     Right now the shop has been so slow it is scary, but I do have some work so when I get home from teaching I will hit the machines.  Daughter is still looking for work, hopefully she will find something soon.
     We have plenty of leftovers from yesterday for dinner tonight so I am off the hook on that end.
     One of my main problems with this system is that I have not made enough money to fully fund it.  If it was fully funded perhaps I could see that I could continually refund it, but that is or has not happened.  I will be patient.  It is not like I don't have enough to eat.

     On a good note gas is finally dropping here.  I actually saw a station where it was below $3.80.  I swear gas is our biggest expense, we spend way more on gas than food.  But we live where there is no public transportation and everything is miles apart.

     Okay I need to count my blessings again.  It is easy for me to dwell on the negative.

Out My Window:  cool and rainy, this is good, because it will keep the studio cooler.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, Happy Father's Day!

     With both dad's gone I just celebrate with girls and hubby.  I will get hubby to call his dad this afternoon.  I took him out to lunch last weekend when I drove through.  The girls are here to cook dinner for their dad.

Menu:  Sweet potato fries, tossed salad, steak, shrimp and scallops.  Peach cobbler for dessert.

     I made a big breakfast, bacon, eggs, and french toast.  He will also get a couple of pieces of pie at church.  I think he will need to be walked after dinner.  (or rolled)

    Anyway have a Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Uncle Danny and Sissie B loves the boots, she will call you later to thank you.

Have a great and productive day.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday, frustrated, but trying to count my blessings

     I am trying so hard to create this budget that allows us to live on $1000.00 less and I am slapped down at every turn.  Hubby is completely out of meds.  That will be $90.00.  Daughter called last night and she had been pulled over for a bad headlamp, she did not have her proof of insurance with her (her fault), but she was not sighted.  So now I have to buy headlamps for an expensive foreign car.   She still does not have a summer job.  The shop has been very slow this week.  I do have some work but very little. 

     On a better note, I received the theater bill for the last show and it was about $400.00 less than I expected.  I also found out yesterday that my car loan is being sold by Bank of America.  Now I do not like any of my loans to be out of my reach.  I want to pay my house, and cars locally.  If there is a problem you can go to the bank and they can fix it.  You don't have to call and talk to a foreigner.  So I bopped down to the CU and asked them if they would rewrite this loan.  It was at 2.99%.  I was a little scared as last year at this time, I bought the car and we refinanced the house, and we bought daughters little car and we refinanced the studio debt.  Because we had so many new credit dings it lowered our FICO by over 100 points.  So I went from a 780 to a 680 in two weeks.

     Good news:  My score was back up to 795 and they rewrote the loan at 2.49% no questions asked.

     We do have the money to pay all of Junes bills and enough to pay most of July with out any more money coming in, so I just have to count my blessings and quit worrying all the time about the future.

I just hate the fact that every time I turn around someone needs close to $100.00.  Where do they get it?  From me and I have to earn it.  Okay, okay I will count my blessings.

I have a job, my husband has a job, we have great credit, we do have some savings.  I need to have more faith.

Out My window:  It is supposed to be beautiful this weekend.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday, in avoidance mode

     Avoidance: A mood Kim gets in that permits her to do all other things but what she really needs to do.


     So yesterday, I baked cookies (still have dough in fridge to finish) sewed about $80.00.  No new business came into shop.  I also made German sausage, leek and potato soup and home made corn bread for dinner. This way I did not have to go to the store.  So without even trying yesterday was a no spend day. I finished a book.  I puttered.  Hubby and I watched a really stupid movie.  I really cleaned my kitchen and dining room.  Anything to keep from balancing the check books.  I did start to clean off the desk and did  throw away a ton of junk mail.  But today I have to pay the rent at the studio so I will come home after class and get the dreaded done?

     Does anyone else procrastinate this kind of thing?  Maybe I keep myself busy so I don't have to face the music?  I really don't want to know how broke I am.  It is easier to live with the unknown in this case.

     Out My Window:  I think we are going to have a nice weekend!  I hope, it has been forecast.

So right now I am off to shower and get to the studio, pay the rent and come home and do the books!  I have no more excuses, except that cookie dough in the fridge needs to be baked.......

Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday, time to face the monster

     Well I hate to have to admit this, but I have not set up a budget for June or written out my bills in the ledger or cleaned my desk or balanced my accounts since last month.   Yes, I have paid the bills that are due (like the house) but everything else sets in a pile.  I did get my three envelopes made out!  I am on a roll.....downhill I think.

     So today my goal is to get these things done along with about $100.00 worth of sewing.  I am praying people pick up today as I am out of money and need to get at least some meat at the grocery store.  Although, I do have some sausage and leeks and I could make a German potato soup.  Maybe I will do that if no money comes in.  I am serious about trying to live this new( no extra money program) before we even lose the paychecks.

     Well we had 8 students show up for summer ballet and as school is still going in the district across the river I will call that a success.  We will get a few more this Thursday.   Only 4 have paid however.  But my goal is almost reached.  I wanted 10 registered and $700.00 for rent.  I will run down this morning to see if any one left a check on the way out.

     The baby elephant (youngest daughter) has huge dental problems, many brought on from antibiotics given to her during her bout with toxic shock.  She has serious enamel problems.  Now she brushes all the time and flosses but she still had 7 cavities.  She also has to have all four of her front teeth re bonded.  We will not let her get crowns or veneers until she is older.  (actually until she can pay for them.)  So there went a 180.00 out of pocket and my $50.00 gas envelope to get her up to daughter #2's office for her work.  She will spend 2 nights and come home Thursday.  As our dental insurance only pays $1000.00 per year we can save over $400.00 in family discounts by sending her to daughter #2's work place.  So I figured $580.00? or $180.00 and the gas.  Now I have no gas money.  (I still have gas......) Sluggy can you please come help me.

     Out my Window:  It was actually nice yesterday for a time, but turned rainy and I think it will be windy and cool today.  I let the chickens out yesterday and they high tailed it to the neighbors.  I think they were afraid I would put them back in the coop.  But I did get 6 eggs!  They are happy.

     My boss still hasn't called or shown up it is weird.  Still resolved to turn in two week notice on Friday.

Have a great and productive day!



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday, trying the envelope method

     Thanks for all the support on my decision to not work so hard.  Even though it will mean not getting out of debt as fast I feel it is better for my health and peace of mind.  Funny thing is my boss that sent the nasty texts and threats has not called, texted, and was not at bank last night.  It is like he dropped off the face of the earth.  So if I have not heard from him by the 15th, I will write him a letter with our resignation.

     Yesterday I put $125.00 in an envelope labeled house payment.  I decided on $75.00 a week for gas.  These two have to be funded first because they are our biggest expenses.  I have another envelope for food, but I am not sure what to put down.  We had to fill hubbies car last night and it was $46.00.  He will be able to get through Friday and the end of the week when we will have to fill again.  So obviously $75.00 is not enough the weeks he drives.  I will add to this envelope before the end of the week, but next week when he does not drive we should spend a lot less.  I can roll over anything left over from the week before. 

     We also went to the grocery store last night.  We bought milk, 2 loaves of ww bread on sale and two packs of hubbies diet soda.  Spent $12.78.  He wanted to refill his meds and I said no.  He has enough for the next week and they refill at a 3 month supply and with 3 meds that will be $90.00.  So I will have to make sure I have a envelope for meds.  Since I have never done this before it will be interesting to see how it works.  Right now it will be living from day to day just to fill the envelopes.  I have forbidden Hubby or myself from writing checks.

     Summer ballet starts this morning and I have a lot of work to do in the shop   So I am going down to the studio to get things started and then I will come home and sew.  I have several people who want to pick up today and I certainly need the money.

     We are completely out of meat.  I cooked a salmon that was frozen last night.  We have plenty of salad and veggies, but I am going to have to find a meat sale and stock up.  Right now it will be day to day.  Just starting and funding this plan is taking everything I have and then some.

     I am hoping to have enough summer ballet checks to cover the rent so I don't have to go to savings.  We will see.

    Out My Window:  It was beautiful yesterday!  I mean in the 80's and sunny.  But we are back to cool this morning.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, scary changes

     I really enjoyed my week with my grandson.  It was nice just to relax a little and play with him.  Take walks, cook dinner.  The weather was not very good but is it ever?  I was able to make daughter a new green two piece suit for court.  It turned out lovely.  I swear that jacket had 75 pieces with all the underlining and inter facing.  But it is done and she is thrilled.

     I was very upset the last two days of my vacation because every day I would get an e-mail from our boss in charge of the cleaning job we do for the bank.  I am not there so I cannot address small problems.  Last time I was with my daughter I had the same thing happen.  Problems with the sub, they get rolling on complaints and then they start looking and find all sorts of things that never mattered before.  Now we all know that banks do not have enough business and when people do not have enough to do they find reasons to complain. I cannot leave town or go enjoy myself anywhere without a complaint at that stupid bank.  This is a third job!  It is not a main source of income!  We have to be there every night, 6 nights a week.

     Now you all know how hard I work.  During the school year I sew most of the day and then I go to the studio for 3-4 hours and then I go clean that bank.  It does bring in a little more that $1000 a month and we do rely on it to pay our bills.  But I am so sick of having this hanging over my head and the constant changes and complaints.  I want to be able to leave for a weekend and not worry or be sick to my stomach that I am going to lose my job or a source of income.  I or I should say we have been cleaning a building 5-6 nights a week for 20 years and I am tired.  I feel like this rules my life, especially when I am gone. 

     We are going to the coast the first week in July, and then I am having two consecutive cataract surgeries the next two weeks.  I cannot find a sub for the bank.  All hell breaks loose if I leave just hubby to do it.  He is not and never will be detail oriented.  If I get someone to come in and help him something does not get done.  Then the phone calls start and the nasty e-mails.  I really think a good part of this is that the contract is for 4.5 hours a night and they want to drop it to 2.5 hours and keep the extra money.  They have done this at many of the other banks.  They have not been able to do this with us because we have done this for too many years and know the system.  I also suspect company problems.  So now that I have driveled on for 3 paragraphs, I am going to tell you that WE ARE QUITTING!

     I am going to ask that June 30th be our last day!  Now where am I going to get $1000.00 a month to pay the bills?  I do not know.  Summers are always very tight anyway.  But I am done.  The Lord will provide.
     I have seriously thought so much about this in the last 3 years.  Both the older girls want us to quit.  They say we work too much.  I just want to know that I am doing the right thing and that I will not fall behind again and start using charge cards to get by?

     I am going to have to save at least $125.00 a week every week to make the house payment.  Things are going to be very tight. But I came home from southern Idaho determined.  I have a plan and I was cleaning a little on the desk (sorting the mail) and found 3 checks totaling $117.00 so before I have even started the week I almost have my $125.00.  I took this as an assurance that I am doing the right thing.  I can do this.

Out My Window:  I think it is going to be a beautiful day today!  Finally.  We actually have had to turn the heat back on.

     Sissie, do you think I am crazy?

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, taking care of grandson

     I will be taking care of my grandson for the next 5 days.  It is a lot of work, but I sure am enjoying him.  I had to drive almost 8 hours to get here yesterday and my right arm is really sore.  Probably from holding the steering wheel.  It is very hot here but going to be cold tomorrow.  So stay tuned as I have a few projects I am going to get done while I am here.  Daughter needs a lot of weeding done!  Can you believe that?  I also have a suit I need to finish for her.  I cut it out a few months ago.  So now I can custom fit it to her.  Lots of little mending and altering things need to be done.  It is just nice to be here with her.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday, June declared broke month

    I am declaring June broke month, as I have no money.  All I have is money going out and none coming in.  Well it comes in and then goes out even faster.  Scary.  I sewed over $325.00 yesterday and it all went to a bill I knew I had out standing.  I had to take $160.00 out of my savings to clear a $634.00 debt.  But at least I had it.  Before I would just have gone to a charge card or some line of credit.

     I am lucky in the fact that I have a business that allows me to work harder and earn more.  But I can also run out of work.  It doesn't happen often, but it can.  I am excited for next week when I go see my grandson.  Of course I will not be earning money while I am there.  But he is growing so fast and I need some Grandma time.

     I will need to get back from grandson's and really work hard to make up for lost time.  I just need to keep studio bills paid and over spending at bay.  I am a great over spender.  Praying hard that I get enough students for the summer programs to cover the bills.  I can do this.  I can do this.

     I just got word that my night stands that match the Bed are done.  Now I have to come up with that money.  Yeah, it never ends.  So I had better get busy and get more work done as I have bills to pay.  I need to go see how much is in my slush fund.

     Out My Window:  rainy and cold, so I will stay inside and iron my huge pile of clothes.  I may also go through my closet and hubbies and get rid of things we do not need.

     Have a great and productive day!