Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, vacation starts at 4:30 p.m.

     When hubby gets home at 4:30 this afternoon we will start our 10 day vacation.  Yeah!  Actually we won't leave until next Tuesday but we will be getting ready to go.  I still have sewing to do and I have been so lazy.  I think my mind went on vacation last week.

      I have the neighbor boys again today but they are really good so they don't  require much watching.  I am just here if they have an emergency.  Like a bee sting (that was yesterday)  They have worked the dog to death throwing the ball and the chickens are hiding their eggs,  they are having fun so I will leave it at that.

  B started her 1st day at Penneys (which I believe will be in chapter 11 soon) I really like the changes they have made to their store policies, I personally hated all the stupid coupons.   I only buy towels at Penneys.  My mother always told me not to shop at stores that sell elastic waist pants.  If they couldn't offer tailored clothes you should not be shopping there.  So why does my mother where elastic waist pants now? Questions? 

     So what are your feelings on the new health care bill?  Do you think it will hold?  Do you think it is right?  Do you think it will help or hurt?

     As a person who will never be able to get other health insurance besides what I have, not having insurance is scary for me.  When my husband quits the State I will have no way to get benefits under the old plan as I have a very expensive pre-existing condition..  But I also know that the really good drugs to treat this condition are not offered to people who have government health insurance like Medicare or Medicaid.  So I may be screwed anyway.

     Out My Window:  The cherry tree is ready to pick so I will send hubby out there this evening.  That is how he will start his vacation.

     I am going into my shop to get something done.

Have a great and productive day! 



  1. Jealous of your 10 day vacation!

  2. I miss Penneys coupons :( Can I come pick up some cherries from your tree? :) Have fun on your vacation!

  3. My baby elephant started a job recently at Sears on the other end of the mall from Penney's.
    I think both of those stores are not long for this

    Let me come over and I will save you the bother of having to pick any cherries from your

    Don't be like me....Have a great trip!!! 8-))

  4. I hope you enjoy your vacation! You totally deserve a rest after how busy you have been lately!