Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, scary changes

     I really enjoyed my week with my grandson.  It was nice just to relax a little and play with him.  Take walks, cook dinner.  The weather was not very good but is it ever?  I was able to make daughter a new green two piece suit for court.  It turned out lovely.  I swear that jacket had 75 pieces with all the underlining and inter facing.  But it is done and she is thrilled.

     I was very upset the last two days of my vacation because every day I would get an e-mail from our boss in charge of the cleaning job we do for the bank.  I am not there so I cannot address small problems.  Last time I was with my daughter I had the same thing happen.  Problems with the sub, they get rolling on complaints and then they start looking and find all sorts of things that never mattered before.  Now we all know that banks do not have enough business and when people do not have enough to do they find reasons to complain. I cannot leave town or go enjoy myself anywhere without a complaint at that stupid bank.  This is a third job!  It is not a main source of income!  We have to be there every night, 6 nights a week.

     Now you all know how hard I work.  During the school year I sew most of the day and then I go to the studio for 3-4 hours and then I go clean that bank.  It does bring in a little more that $1000 a month and we do rely on it to pay our bills.  But I am so sick of having this hanging over my head and the constant changes and complaints.  I want to be able to leave for a weekend and not worry or be sick to my stomach that I am going to lose my job or a source of income.  I or I should say we have been cleaning a building 5-6 nights a week for 20 years and I am tired.  I feel like this rules my life, especially when I am gone. 

     We are going to the coast the first week in July, and then I am having two consecutive cataract surgeries the next two weeks.  I cannot find a sub for the bank.  All hell breaks loose if I leave just hubby to do it.  He is not and never will be detail oriented.  If I get someone to come in and help him something does not get done.  Then the phone calls start and the nasty e-mails.  I really think a good part of this is that the contract is for 4.5 hours a night and they want to drop it to 2.5 hours and keep the extra money.  They have done this at many of the other banks.  They have not been able to do this with us because we have done this for too many years and know the system.  I also suspect company problems.  So now that I have driveled on for 3 paragraphs, I am going to tell you that WE ARE QUITTING!

     I am going to ask that June 30th be our last day!  Now where am I going to get $1000.00 a month to pay the bills?  I do not know.  Summers are always very tight anyway.  But I am done.  The Lord will provide.
     I have seriously thought so much about this in the last 3 years.  Both the older girls want us to quit.  They say we work too much.  I just want to know that I am doing the right thing and that I will not fall behind again and start using charge cards to get by?

     I am going to have to save at least $125.00 a week every week to make the house payment.  Things are going to be very tight. But I came home from southern Idaho determined.  I have a plan and I was cleaning a little on the desk (sorting the mail) and found 3 checks totaling $117.00 so before I have even started the week I almost have my $125.00.  I took this as an assurance that I am doing the right thing.  I can do this.

Out My Window:  I think it is going to be a beautiful day today!  Finally.  We actually have had to turn the heat back on.

     Sissie, do you think I am crazy?

Have a great and productive day.



  1. YAAAAAY I have been secretly praying for you to leave that job since Christmas time!!!!!! It is draining th life out of you.

    I am so glad you enjoyed your time with your grandson.

    Welcome back you were missed


  2. It is a very hard decision, but it definitely sounds like one that needed to be made. Money isnt worth your peace of mind. Even if it becomes tighter financially, it sounds like you'll be a lot lighter emotionally without such a dark cloud over your head. Good for you.

  3. Does it feel good to finally make a decision like this?
    I hope so.
    Now don't look back and make it work!
    No regrets....

    And when the girls want you to spend money on them or the grand kids, remind them that you quit this energy sucking job to improve your life and not their bottom

    Good for you!!!
    And welcome back too. 8-)

    1. Sluggy, I was thinking the same thing. I have an excuse now to say NO!

  4. Since the bank is cutting down the number of hours (and the pay) would one of your kids or students or relatives be interested in taking over the job? Since the bank is cutting back, they won't expect the same level of work that you are currently providing so it may be an easier job for someone you know who wants to earn some extra money.

  5. Good for you! Quality of life is important and I'm glad that you're taking a stand for yourself. Like you said, God will provide. :)

  6. I'm not Sissy but NO, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!! You could sew a bit more each week and make up the money you will lose.
    Congrats on making a sound decision - you do not need the headache or the hassle - time to hand that over to someone else. I'm with you on this one!

  7. Change is never easy, but it sounds like this was one that was due. Good for you!

    For every door that closes or that you close, another one will unlock - you just have to be ready to recognize it and walk through it when the time is right.