Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday, time to face the monster

     Well I hate to have to admit this, but I have not set up a budget for June or written out my bills in the ledger or cleaned my desk or balanced my accounts since last month.   Yes, I have paid the bills that are due (like the house) but everything else sets in a pile.  I did get my three envelopes made out!  I am on a roll.....downhill I think.

     So today my goal is to get these things done along with about $100.00 worth of sewing.  I am praying people pick up today as I am out of money and need to get at least some meat at the grocery store.  Although, I do have some sausage and leeks and I could make a German potato soup.  Maybe I will do that if no money comes in.  I am serious about trying to live this new( no extra money program) before we even lose the paychecks.

     Well we had 8 students show up for summer ballet and as school is still going in the district across the river I will call that a success.  We will get a few more this Thursday.   Only 4 have paid however.  But my goal is almost reached.  I wanted 10 registered and $700.00 for rent.  I will run down this morning to see if any one left a check on the way out.

     The baby elephant (youngest daughter) has huge dental problems, many brought on from antibiotics given to her during her bout with toxic shock.  She has serious enamel problems.  Now she brushes all the time and flosses but she still had 7 cavities.  She also has to have all four of her front teeth re bonded.  We will not let her get crowns or veneers until she is older.  (actually until she can pay for them.)  So there went a 180.00 out of pocket and my $50.00 gas envelope to get her up to daughter #2's office for her work.  She will spend 2 nights and come home Thursday.  As our dental insurance only pays $1000.00 per year we can save over $400.00 in family discounts by sending her to daughter #2's work place.  So I figured $580.00? or $180.00 and the gas.  Now I have no gas money.  (I still have gas......) Sluggy can you please come help me.

     Out my Window:  It was actually nice yesterday for a time, but turned rainy and I think it will be windy and cool today.  I let the chickens out yesterday and they high tailed it to the neighbors.  I think they were afraid I would put them back in the coop.  But I did get 6 eggs!  They are happy.

     My boss still hasn't called or shown up it is weird.  Still resolved to turn in two week notice on Friday.

Have a great and productive day!



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  1. Does Boss think that you have already resigned and therefore he doesn't need to do anything?