Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday, volunteering others!

     My daughter is supposed to start a new job this week at Penneys.  Not our first choice but it is a job.  She is also cleaning the bank I gave up right now so this will give her a full time work when combined.  Yesterday I over heard one of my dance students say that her mother had started a new job as a lead nurse and she had to go home and help the babysitter with her two younger brothers.  I know these two are a handful but really cute little boys.  So I told this dancer that B had not started her day job yet and would be glad for the work if they ever needed a sitter.  B wasn't that happy with me, but her dad said go ahead and grump about it and now grow up and get to work.  It is time for you to work and make up for all the time you have had off.  So she is sitting all day today and maybe more.  If she can work all three jobs she will have more than enough to pay her schooling in the fall.  We are trying to get her to see what a blessing this is.  But it is hard when you are a baby elephant.

     I was able to rip and start 3 bridesmaid dresses yesterday.  I will finish them this morning and then I have two others.  I also have 5 pair of pants to hem and a few other odd ball things.  I hope more work comes in this week.  I could really use it.

     Out My Window:  Raining like crazy here and the temp is down 20 degrees, but this is good for the studio as the dancers get so hot when it is hot.  So I am not going to complain.  I want really nice weather next week at the Oregon Coast.

     One of the neighbor hood boys stopped by last night after we had dinner.  His parents are gone for the month and he is home working for college money.  He comes in with his skate board looking like a scrawny scarecrow and I asked if he was hungry.  Well yes he was.  He ate both of the left over salads, two chicken breasts and a bowl of cereal.  Hubby did not get any chicken for his lunch, but had a good laugh over how much this young man could eat.  He thought is was a blessing he raised girls.  I think the kid misses his mom's cooking.

     I am off to take teacher that is staying with me to the studio and then I must come home and sew all day.  I am blessed with work.  Yippee!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I call that "Voluntold" you are doing something!!! Lol. There will be no complaining when there is money in her pocket I bet!

    Glad the shop is busy! (not for you having to work so much but the $$ that comes with it)

  2. Good for you for helping out your daughter! Time will come when she realizes how much help it was. Plus it will be a little easier for you if she pays for school herself.