Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday, in avoidance mode

     Avoidance: A mood Kim gets in that permits her to do all other things but what she really needs to do.


     So yesterday, I baked cookies (still have dough in fridge to finish) sewed about $80.00.  No new business came into shop.  I also made German sausage, leek and potato soup and home made corn bread for dinner. This way I did not have to go to the store.  So without even trying yesterday was a no spend day. I finished a book.  I puttered.  Hubby and I watched a really stupid movie.  I really cleaned my kitchen and dining room.  Anything to keep from balancing the check books.  I did start to clean off the desk and did  throw away a ton of junk mail.  But today I have to pay the rent at the studio so I will come home after class and get the dreaded done?

     Does anyone else procrastinate this kind of thing?  Maybe I keep myself busy so I don't have to face the music?  I really don't want to know how broke I am.  It is easier to live with the unknown in this case.

     Out My Window:  I think we are going to have a nice weekend!  I hope, it has been forecast.

So right now I am off to shower and get to the studio, pay the rent and come home and do the books!  I have no more excuses, except that cookie dough in the fridge needs to be baked.......

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I do this too occasionally but lately I just prefer to deal with the problem as soon as I can, just to be done with it and work on some sort of a plan. Good luck!

  2. I think we all do this once in awhile. I will be hiding from mine in two weeks when I realize that I dont have a paycheck!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I do this, but I don't think it's a bad thing if it's a once-in-awhile thing. I decided it's more healthy to bake cookies than to obsess about money all the time ... which probably explains my waistline! I hope you enjoyed your day of baking, cooking, reading and mindless movie watching - it was well deserved :)


  4. I have a summer (and spring, winter and fall) home in the land of Avoidance. I go there too often. Even the napkins have my initials! But seriously though, it's ok to avoid for a bit. It is a defense mechanism, so the best way to go about it is to relax a bit and tackle it early in the day before chores create a distraction.

  5. Yep, you are definitely NOT alone in that department. Been there. Do that. But in the end it does get done all the same. It just is more fun to bake and have cookies than to pay bills and balance the checkbook.

  6. I say "ScrXX it!" for today.
    Get a good night's sleep and get to the finances when you are fresh in the morning.

    Hey, if I can put off sewing for almost 6 months so far this year, YOU can take a week or two off from dealing with your money. ;-)

  7. You are so not alone. I have been avoiding looking at the bank acct. all week long.

  8. Ha! I get more done when I'm procrastinating than at any other time! Procrastination ROCKS!!