Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday, have you ever?

     I was reading Andrea at "so over debt"  I really like her.  She was talking about coming to the realization that you have a problem with over spending and debt.  I felt compelled to post about this because I am a debt aholic.  She talked about declaring bankruptcy and still going out and finding more cards to charge up.  Now some of you will be shocked by this, but I remember so clearly my parents coming to my house about 12 years ago and paying off $28,000 worth of Credit Card debt for me (I had to pay it back to them and did)  But I could not wait for them to leave and before they could even back out of the driveway  I was on a phone charging 2 pair of Irish dance shoes.  Over $200.00 that I did not have.  I racked back up over $70,000 worth of debt again after I paid my mom and dad back.  Now granted some of that was medical and some was start up costs for a business but much was just me living large.

     Have any of you ever done anything so stupid?  What made you stop and take control?

     I just remember about 5 years ago feeling like I was living with a sucking chest wound.  My Mom called and asked what she could do to help.  I told her nothing, I had to do it myself.  I was the problem.  I could blame my husbands poor work habits, I could blame his low wages, I could blame my health care costs, but really it was me.  No amount of money was going to solve this problem.  I am not perfect but I truly think before I spend.  I also do not blame others when I am stupid and lack self control.

     Getting out of debt is hard, it is a slow drawn out process sometimes taking years and years to accomplish.

     Out My Window:  I think it might actually be HOT today!  I can't wait.

I did get three bridesmaids dresses in yesterday, but it is still very slow!  I am getting anxious about this.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. We are on Day 4 of over 90 degree heat and humidity here.

    Stick a fork in me, I'm done.....well done!lol

    Debt is addictive.
    Ok, maybe not debt, but the crap you can get and knock down those instant gratification feelings IS addictive.

    People who declare bankruptcy and continue to do what got them there annoy me to distraction. I can give them grace once, but twice or thrice? Nope, I am too human and flawed for that.
    Of course, that's people who go bankrupt for fun play, go on trips, buy too much house. If you get into debt for medical you are totally absolved in my book.

  2. Boy, I sound a bit bitchy in my last comment, didn't I?
    Of course I am talking theoretical here and not about anybody I know.
    Can I blame the heat for my totally frank and unvarnished rant?lol

  3. Actually I agree with you and I love the heat!

  4. My worst money event was loaning money to Kazi's dad. It was money I had saved up to pay my student loans off in full when I graduated. Well, needless to say I never saw any of that money again. And I had to repay my students loans back $250/month til Kazi was 10 years old.

    Lesson learned.