Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, workshops start this morning

     I start a beginning workshop this morning.  I sure hope the turn out is good.  I had good response but until you actually start you never know.
     Envelope system is still in swing, but rough.  I have the house envelope with $125.00.  I will add to that first this week.  I did realize last week that $75.00 is not enough the weeks hubby drives for gas.  So I am going to add $75.00 more this week for gas even though both vehicles are just below full.  We will not have to gas up until next weekend.  Food is another matter.  I am looking at at least $75.00 a week and if daughter is here a little more.
     Right now the shop has been so slow it is scary, but I do have some work so when I get home from teaching I will hit the machines.  Daughter is still looking for work, hopefully she will find something soon.
     We have plenty of leftovers from yesterday for dinner tonight so I am off the hook on that end.
     One of my main problems with this system is that I have not made enough money to fully fund it.  If it was fully funded perhaps I could see that I could continually refund it, but that is or has not happened.  I will be patient.  It is not like I don't have enough to eat.

     On a good note gas is finally dropping here.  I actually saw a station where it was below $3.80.  I swear gas is our biggest expense, we spend way more on gas than food.  But we live where there is no public transportation and everything is miles apart.

     Okay I need to count my blessings again.  It is easy for me to dwell on the negative.

Out My Window:  cool and rainy, this is good, because it will keep the studio cooler.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. We got gas for $3.55 on Saturday. I was so happy with it!! Hubby gets reimbursed for gas and car usage, so the lower the price, the more we have to keep :) I really hope, you'll get more work soon and that your daughter will find a job very soon.