Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday, up early!

     I just took the professional Irish dancer I had staying with me to the airport.  Ugh 5 in the morning.  I am not a morning person.  But I did go out front as the sprinkler system was on and I found about 6 sprinkler heads not working correctly.  It has rained so much here we are just now turning on the water.  So I am glad I found this out before we wasted a lot of water.  Today I will be weeding the front yard and fixing sprinkler heads, also replacing plants that are ugly because of too much rain.  Now I am wondering what did the sprinkler guys do when they came to turn the system on?  They are supposed to check every line and make sure the heads are working properly.  So they will be getting a phone call on Monday.  I think they came and turned it on and looked at nothing.

     I also need to do a ton of ironing as I have no summer clothes left to wear.  I always promise myself that I am going to iron them as they get out of the washer but I don't. Then when I am standing naked in my room I quickly realize that I have to go iron something to wear.  Okay I know ironing is old fashioned but I wear cotton in the summer. 

     Daughter has worked the last two days at Penneys and will work Saturday and Sunday.  So she is getting some hours.  She also has three days of sitting coming to her.  I am so glad she is able to earn some money.

     I am also going to make a grocery list for the coast.  We will take Monday to get ready.  We also have two of Hubbies second cousins and their kids coming for dinner tomorrow after church so I had better plan a menu.  Hmmm.... corn on the cob, water melon, cake and ice cream, baked sweet potato fries, chicken.  I can make the cake and I have plenty of ice cream in the freezer.  I need to use up the sweet potatoes and corn and melon are on special at the store. Chicken is in the freezer.  I am trying to do this on the cheap and use up what I have in the way of groceries.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful days, some clouds and rain but mostly sunny.  Love it!

     Sewing coming into shop in dribs and drabs. But it looks like I will have plenty to do when I get back.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. When I am standing naked in my bedroom with wrinkled clothes I get out the Downy wrinkle release spray. Best invention ever :)

  2. I am glad the job is working out for her!!! And thank goodness you will heave plenty of sewing when you get back

  3. I'm glad you are getting some job for after the vacation. And I know how you feel about ironing. I try to get everything out of the dryer right away to minimize ironing but it doesn't really work with cotton :(