Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday, slow.....frustrated....

     I had 6 students attend the workshop and I needed 5 to break even.  I would have loved more but I am grateful for what I received.  I had NO work come into the shop yesterday although I had people pick up and I did sew hard yesterday when I got home from teaching.  I had $275.00 come in so I fully funded the house account this week and next week and I put $20.00 in the gas envelope.  I should have more picked up today and will continue to fund gas and grocery envelopes as the week goes on.

    I am irritated as Hubbies commuting partner is always gone.  Yesterday hubby went to meeting spot and ended up driving the truck to work!  That cost us about $15.00 and today he took the car about $10.00.  It was not his week to drive!  I am so frustrated, because now I will have to come up with the $25.00 extra for gas.  I swear this guy takes more time off than anyone I know.

     I have a few bills that I need to pay today or tomorrow, other than that I am trying to have a few no spends this week if possible.  We leave for the coast the week after next and I really have not been able to add to my vacation fund.  I do have enough in savings to pay for gas and the motel, but I will need extra money for food.  We will have a kitchenette so we can cook at the motel.  But I would sure like a few hundred extra dollars.  I will have to go check the backyard and see if money is growing on any of my trees.

Out My Window:  It is supposed to be warm today so far not above 70.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Uhhh...if you find any money on your trees, do share what these trees are called, and I'll plant a bunch on my backyard...

  2. it's not hot where you are because we are holding onto all of the world's heat over here in Ontario. Hot? Oh my you have no idea! It was so hot today that after Kazi's convocation we had to go drink cold beer in an air conditioned pub and wath Euro Cup soccer. It was terrible!

  3. I feel so sorry for you, especially the soccer!

  4. Oh well, never mind. It's that old saying...if it can't be done,
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