Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday, June declared broke month

    I am declaring June broke month, as I have no money.  All I have is money going out and none coming in.  Well it comes in and then goes out even faster.  Scary.  I sewed over $325.00 yesterday and it all went to a bill I knew I had out standing.  I had to take $160.00 out of my savings to clear a $634.00 debt.  But at least I had it.  Before I would just have gone to a charge card or some line of credit.

     I am lucky in the fact that I have a business that allows me to work harder and earn more.  But I can also run out of work.  It doesn't happen often, but it can.  I am excited for next week when I go see my grandson.  Of course I will not be earning money while I am there.  But he is growing so fast and I need some Grandma time.

     I will need to get back from grandson's and really work hard to make up for lost time.  I just need to keep studio bills paid and over spending at bay.  I am a great over spender.  Praying hard that I get enough students for the summer programs to cover the bills.  I can do this.  I can do this.

     I just got word that my night stands that match the Bed are done.  Now I have to come up with that money.  Yeah, it never ends.  So I had better get busy and get more work done as I have bills to pay.  I need to go see how much is in my slush fund.

     Out My Window:  rainy and cold, so I will stay inside and iron my huge pile of clothes.  I may also go through my closet and hubbies and get rid of things we do not need.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Nothing beats spending Grandma time...or so I've been
    Enjoy your little guy and don't fret over the bills for awhile because they will still be there when you get

    If you just stay in the shop or in your yard all of June, that might keep you from spending, right? And don't take the computer into the shop or the yard

  2. I spent enough in May for two or three months so I MUST limit the cash out flow in June, I just don't have a choice! Will you still run the summer programs if you don't get enough students??

  3. I hope you get enough students in summer. And for now, do enjoy time with your Grandson. You both need that Grandma time!

  4. I feel your pain... I'm saving every penny possible this month as our income is dropping by a good chunk soon! Hopefully we both come out of June ahead of the game somehow!!

  5. Work can wait...grandchildren cant. Now go enjoy yourself guilt free and worry free

  6. I have to echo comments that June has to be low key...I'm still trying to figure out how to pay for all the upcoming home, car and kid expenses!

    hang in there and enjoy your grandson!!