Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday, on a more postive note.

     Sewed like a demon yesterday.  I have more to do today.  But still no real extra money.  I am also watching 2 of the neighbor boys this morning as their mother lost her sitter.  So I may make cookies this afternoon to entertain them.  I paid all the bills yesterday for the month and we are broke.  The story of my life.
    On a more positive note I was able to get $495.00 into a savings envelope for the house payment.  I was trying to prove to myself that we could give up the bank and still have enough to pay a house payment.  With the shop so slow this has been scary, but I did it.  I feel pretty good about this. 
 We will not have to pay B's rent again on her apartment after this month and we have one bill that is $525.00 that will not have to be paid in July. August has three pay periods so we can catch up.  It aggravates me that we cannot use that extra paycheck toward debt payoff like I planned, but I will get rid of that bank and that has it's own rewards.  Once the studio is open again I plan on taking home a salary of $1000.00 a month.   $500.00 every two weeks.  The studio will be open 7 years in December and I have never taken home a salary.  With all the CC debt gone I will be able to do this finally.

     Part of me is a little blue because it will mean a slower payoff, but I am hoping I will adjust.  You know how it is when you get a new car payment and you think that you can afford it and then the first payment comes due and you think okay now I have no money for this or that because I have a car payment.   But eventually you adjust. You figure out how to pay the bill or you earn more money.  I just have to remember to live for the day and get through the summer.

     It has rained so much here I am losing large flower pots to too much water.  I will have to replant a couple due to drowning.  I have never had that happen before here because it is usually so dry here. But first time for everything.

     I talked to my mo  today and she may come over toward  the end of July.  That will be nice.  I love it when she comes.

Out My Window: It is warm and beautiful today!

    I need to get into the shop and get busy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You have never taken a salary? For all the work you put in???? WOMAN!!!!! You deserve, you are owed it, and you need a bonus too!

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