Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday, New Credit card, finally

     Okay, okay for someone getting out of debt why am I excited about a new Credit Card?!  Because this one is issued by my Credit Union, it is for the studio and has a much lower interest rate!  I can finally say good by to the US Bank card that I hated.  I can finally say goodby to US Bank.  Yes I am going to close the card.  I may get dinged, but I just don't want to deal with them any more.  I do have about 87.00 in rewards to collect from them and then adios.  Now I have a studio card to order costumes and I don't have to deal with the ridiculous interest.

     When you start to make progress in debt pay off, paying on time, paying more than the minimum balance, not charging or adding to balances, having an emergency fund that can be traced, cleaning up a bad credit report, you feel like it is a never ending process and everyone is biting at your wallet, but if you persevere in about a year or two (depending on your situation) you will be able to go to a CU and get reasonable terms.  Your credit history will give you a leg up.   But you must take the steps first.

       Did you see the great post by RHitter at Destination Planet Debt Free?  She was so bummed about her truck and then she went to the CU and got really good terms and refinanced her car at a much lower rate and dropped her payment.  Yeah, score.  Now a year ago neither she nor I would have been able to do this.  We have had to really work ay this debt payoff thing and get our financial houses in order.

     Daughter has another job interview today at Starbucks in her college town.  So she is going up to see if it is a better offer than Penneys although we don't have a work schedule yet.  Maybe she can do both.  She also gets to babysit again on Friday.  I am starting to panic about her going back to school in 6 weeks with no money, so our concentration is on her right now.

     The shop is still technically slow.  I have bridesmaid dresses, but no real piles of work.  I have been home or answered every phone call.  I thought it maybe would be busy before the holiday with people going on vacation, but nothing so far.

Out My Window:  Rained over an inch yesterday!  We are waterlogged.  But it is beautiful this morning.

     I will be busy in the shop today.  Have not been able to add any money to envelopes this week at all.   So I need to get moving.  Still have not paid my bills but will do it today!  I have to.....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. My daughter doesn't have a lot of work this summer even though she's working two jobs. She keeps her money matters close to her chest however and wants me to "MYOB" so I do. She wants to make it on her own, like I did, so all the power to her I say. Just don't come to me to help pay off her debt is all I have to say!

  2. Credit Unions are so much nicer to work with - I wish I hadn't waited so long to learn that lesson! And thanks for the encouraging words about things getting better with time. I needed that today :) ... Hope it's another beautiful day for you. It's HOT here and we're looking at 105 over the weekend.


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