Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday, Already?

Ahhhhhhhhh!  All I have done this week is sew!  I swear and I am still a little behind.. Sis helped me a lot last night and it is nice to have someone you can trust that does not need constant supervision, but her neck is so bad right now.  Sent her to a chiropractor yesterday and she has never been to one so was a little skeptical.  He is also a PA at both emergency rooms here, he also works at the pain clinic one day a week.  So I trust him.  He did her so much good but she still needs to be careful.  She has a wreck of a back.  Several car accidents and bad ones as a young woman.

     I am sending her to a reflexologist today hoping that will help.  I actually have a contractor working upstairs.  It is a Holy miracle.  Very happy and grateful.

     Poor mom has taken over the ironing and she realizes it is quite a job here as again it is hot summer and we are all in cotton.  But it gives her something to do and makes her feel useful and important.  I am going to make her some piecrusts today so she can mess with pies this weekend.

     We decided on not going up to daughter's but to stay home and help Sis get her place opened.  We will go to daughters next weekend.  So plans are up for the fourth.  I have so many wedding dresses to get out it is scary.  Keep thinking I will catch up and I can't.  Oh well I am blessed with work and that is a good thing.

  I also have to pay some bills to day and realized that I paid my workshop teacher out of the wrong account so I need to fix that.  What a dork.

     My little Celtic kids were so good yesterday.  They learned so much and I was so happy and proud of them.  Emily is a great teacher and an inspiration to them.                                           

     Hub's woke me at 10:20 this morning which is so late for me, but I have been sleeping badly this week so it was very nice. 

     Well I have to get to work as no one else will do it.

Have a great and productive day!


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