Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday, running screaming!

     And there is no bear chasing me. Family what can I say.  A lot of family.  I love them to death and they are keeping me busy and on my toes.  Sissie ( twin has been busy whipping me into shape as she usually does)  I left my house especially messy for her.  Sis ( the younger) starts her new job tomorrow and I am excited for her.  Mom is very tired and I am worried.  With the sisters here it is go, go, go.  She needs more quiet and rest.  But all will be back to semi normal when this weekend is over and Sis goes to work.  We all radiate energy and it can be hard to be around in large doses.  We are a lot of fun and a load of laughs, but mom needs quiet. I am hoping to get her down for a long nap this afternoon.

     Sissie and I are leaving Wednesday evening for Missoula with mom.  We have our 40 yr High School reunion this weekend.  Mom will stay with her sister in-law or at a hotel.  We will stay with a girl friend or with mom I guess.  I am playing it by ear.  Sissie is not happy about mom coming in fact she is down right furious.

     Sissie and I sewed hard yesterday to try and catch me up which at this point is impossible.  But we tried.  Today I have at least 15 pairs of pants to hem.

     B the youngest has had the cyst on her breast came back with a vengeance, so she is coming down here at 4:15 to meet with a surgeon.  Her new boss was so sweet about it.  She was afraid to tell him as they are in the middle of a huge grant experiment in soils.  She worked yesterday not feeling well and in some pain.  She did not want someone else to step into the middle and mess anything up.  He could tell she did not feel well and when she told him she was meeting with a specialist and had to leave work at 3 today he was shocked that she would work under those conditions.  She is my child.  I am telling you when it comes to boobs people work fast.  You are referred and into an office in days or hours.  She has only been off antibiotics for 5 days and is getting sick.

     I love having family but feel like I haven't had a summer just so busy taking care of everyone.  We finally had that huge ponderosa pine in front of our house chopped down.  It always got way to much water and was so pitchy.  It will take hub's a few weeks to clear it out and we will have more wood for the neighborhood.  We will just stack it out on the front lawn and put a free sign on it.  It will be gone in no time.

Well I have to run.

Have a great and productive day!



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