Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday, Rough weekend

     I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.  This is one of the first years in I don't know how long we are not going to the coast on our annual trip.  With mom and Sis and the hot water heater collapse we are not in the position to do so.

    We decided to spend the weekend down here in Lewiston getting Sis into her house rather than daughter into hers. Daughter had to work all day Friday and Saturday and be on call for emergency Dental surgeries. Yes, most firecracker emergencies involve the face or hands.  The face has a mouth which is usually open.  She has some great stories.  We will go up to daughters this weekend with a load of things.

     We concentrated on mom's storage unit Friday and Saturday.  Between our truck and Sis' wagon and my wagon we made two round trips and have moved everything into Sis's basement except and large dresser, a shelf which comes here for her to paint.  The storage also has things that will go up to daughters.

     So we will be getting rid of this aggravation soon.  Mom will not accuse us of hiding her things.  She can go to Sis's basement and browse to her hearts content at her junk.  Sis has three stories and lot's of room to store things. 

     We were able to set up Sis's kitchen and start ripping wall paper off one small room which will be for mom to display her doll house and things.  I am so excited as I am unloading crap out of my house right and left.  Sis has also taken some of the good furniture from my house for her place and that also helps with the flow around here.

     It is somewhat frustrating as my house is not done and is such a mess.  The back deck is horrid, I have not really cleaned the house in a month.  Now Sis is gung ho to work on her place.  I can understand this and she has been so helpful to me, but when we ignore where we are living it gets pretty deep pretty fast.

     So I stayed up late last night and did some laundry moved some things around in the formal front room.  I am going to empty trash cans and put laundry away after this post, then hit my shop.  I will help Sis at her house this evening after the shop closes.

     Everyday I try to do something to help me move forward on this project.  No matter how small.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. My friend recently moved to a house that was in need of major renovation (all cosmetic with minor structure changes) and was talking with her husband about how overwhelming everything was. He was a very calm individual who said they would start in the corner by the front door and when that corner was done they would move to the next. Logically and methodically they got everything done, not in record time, but done nonetheless. It was so much saner than my usual helter skelter "move crap from one place to another then move it back" I am now just starting in a corner and moving outward. Why did it take me so long to learn this?

  2. I closed the blog and stayed away for a while - not sure I will blog again, but I still like to keep up with you all. Sounds like life is a little too hectic right now. Our house caught on fire from fireworks last night, so I am still shaking. Neighbors called the fire department and alerted us, so we started spraying the fire and got it down before it got into our house. So, we have roof damage, but I will take that over the other possible outcome!

    1. Oh Jennifer how awful. I lost everything I owned when I was a Senior I high school from a house fire. It was like a death. Very scary. So happy to hear from you.

  3. Yikes! Dental horror stories... and I know what you mean about cleaning our own houses. Mine is piling up too. yuck.