Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday, repurposed dining room PICTURES!

I am so bad at this please excuse the mistakes in this blog, that I have already erased once. &^%%$#@.  Anyway enjoy the pictures.  The dining room is getting there.  Still no plate racks on wall but a work in progress.  It is beautiful and seats 8 easily.

My repurposed chandelier.  This was from Habitat store.  I sprayed it and switched out the globes for free.  Then added crystals.  The crystals that are large are from a huge chandelier that hung in the big house dining room in Sweden.  I have a shoe box full if any one wants some.  They are very heavy.

Here is plant shelf, I always wanted.  Pots picked up at second hand stores for under a dollar and sprayed flat white.  Then I found plants at Wally world marked down to .69 as they were dead and dying.  I made the runners with left over fabric that I had from the curtains and chair pads.  Purchased on sale of course.
Hub's great grandmothers china hutch repainted and new hardware which I bought for .50 a hinge at Habitat.

My mother's china from my mother and father's marriage.  Love this pattern.
Great, great grandmother's silver cake forks and serving wear.  Yes I polish silver.

 Here is sister's dog doing a Sluggy.  Don't you love this?  Not the dog.

Here is our problem child.  The pass through still needs to be trimmed out.  The two cupboards are for crystal and linens.  One is very narrow.  I just bought a stock cupboard and had it cut down. This way we did not waste any space behind walls and I have storage.  This wall will also be a silver display I will show you later.

paint and destroy it's value so we had  a

Here is the library table out of the servants library in Sweden. I did not want to paint or destroy it's value so I had a table top made and  clamped to the original.  I think it looks great with the repurposed chairs.

I am so behind right now and the house is a disgusting mess.  Have no idea when I am going to get to it.  Heading for the shop.

Have a great and productive day.




  1. So pretty! I love the grey walls and your woodwork is so beautiful. Is that a pocket door?

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    2. Yes, I love being able to close this when I have company. No open concept for me.

  2. Was just wondering if you ever go into this room and stand and look at it....well just becaus its so nice. I do that all the timev

  3. LOVELY!!!! I would so eat there.

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  5. Really beautiful. I love the way you have incorporated the family items!