Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday, unexpected absence

     Daughters house, Huge!   Ridiculous and how is she ever going to keep it clean?  She doesn't like house work as it is.  I am still shaking my head.  They were able to get a really good deal on the house and the owners paid all the closing costs to get out, but really?  What will they do with all that space?  The house was built by an electrician who had a 20 year old autistic son and a set of triplet boys who were 7 at the time of the sale.  So the house has stood some cosmetic damage.  But it is very well built so they should make a fairly good profit down the road.

     Hub's and I worked like dogs while we were there.  Enjoyed the grandson who is so cute.  He has a funny personality and we really are lucky he is only two hours away. We spent a good day scouting second hand stores for furniture and baby needs.  Found some really good deals.

     I was able to get the nursery completely put together.  I also put together a beautiful guest room next to the nursery.  Sis had an antique dresser that had been chalk painted.  It needed love.  We picked up a small $5.00 night stand and a beautiful heavy large pine rocking chair for $20.00.  I chalk painted those and we went to Sears when they were have an 80% closeout on home goods.   Curtains for $2.69, rods for under $2.00.  I did the Room in whites and greys, shabby chic style.  She has two sitters that stay the night with her work schedule so this is the perfect room for them and is right next to the babies room, it also offers it's own bath.

     Hub's put together some outside deck furniture and daughter and I worked on the main floor living space.  I stayed an extra day into Tuesday as daughter got called in for an emergency surgery a couple hours away so that made a long day for her with no sitter planned.  It was fun to spend day all by myself with William.  You forget how much work babies are when you don't have one.

     Tuesday I arrived home about noon and all hell has broken loose in the shop, my house is a wreck, the second contractor is not going to finish kitchen and dining room as he has a bigger better job. I swear I am screening these guys.  I had a complete break down yesterday.  As I never cry it was upsetting to Hub's and Sis and mom.  Sis took over and left her house to work on mine.  I just cannot leave the shop.

     Last night I worked late with Sis getting as much as we could done a cleaned up in the up stairs.  There is still a ton of touch up and finish work that needs to be done.  Right now I am at a loss.  If it is clean I may be able to live with it.
Have a great and productive day!



  1. There should be some recourse for you to deal with a contractor who walks off the job. Does he have a page for his business? You could at least leave bad remarks for him. I hate this for you.

  2. Can you sue this guy? What a disappointment! Glad you had sissy to help you! And you got so much done at your daughter's new home! My daughter's boyfriend who works for a mortgage company wants to buy a house for him and Kazi. She can't even keep her room clean! Should be interesting.

  3. oh my... I'm glad you had time to visit but sad that you had a yucky experience to return home to. I hope fyou're having a productive day!