Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday, fractured mind:)

     This is coming from a fractured mind.  Too many irons in the fire.  I thought summer was supposed to be less stressful.  I am trying to go about things in a calm and organized way but the people around me are not helping.  My goal is to blame everyone else when I have my break down.

     I sewed most of the day then at 4 p.m a bridesmaid came to pick up her dress which I had made into a lace up as she had ordered a size 14 and probably wore a 22.  I love my job.  The dress would lace up but would not fit over her( look back 6 words and add a T)  So now I have to rip is all out take out the second underlining and redo the back of the dress to make it larger. The chiffon layer is fine it is the under layers that are pulling. I was so frustrated.  Felt sorry for the bride.  Sooooo.....

     Then I went to Sister's house and proceeded to tear all the wallpaper off a small room's ceiling.  Yes they wallpapered a ceiling as there was water damage from a bath tub.  It was painstaking work.  at least four hours on a ladder.  I would not let Sis do this as her back and neck are so bad. We went home about 11:00 p.m..  The hair on top of my head was crusty from wall paper paste.  Both of us hopped in a shower.  It was raining hard and I realized Hub's grandmother's corner china hutch was out on the deck.  It was on it's side and it is out of a soft pine.  Sis and I carried it in at midnight and it had about 1/2 inch of water in it.  We dried I off really well.  That was one disaster avoided. So this morning we put paper on the floor and we are going to paint it in the dining room.

     Sis is back at her house and mom is at lunch with friends, Hub's is checking the neighbors apricot tree.  I am alone and it is so quiet. Nice!

     We have all the planting and yard done at Sis's place so now the goal is to stay one room ahead of her.  I will rip wall paper and she well paint.  But I will not leave my house until my sewing is done.  Sis designed new business cards for my sewing shop.  Like I need more business.

     Let's see what did I do yesterday to move forward in my mess?  I pulled several boxes of mom's crap out of my shop and put it in my car.  I cleared off a table in the living room and put stuff away.  That is it.  Not much, just a little to move forward.

Have a great and productive day!


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