Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, can anyone do laundry except me?

     I have enough laundry in the back room to keep me busy for a week!  Now I realize I am one of four adults in this house, who has just come off a three day bought with the crud (probably out of remission RA) but we will ignore that.  I guess I will do it all myself.  I feel like taking the girls clothes and separating them.  Just doing mine and my husbands things. It would not kill them to transfer a load once in a while!  RANT!

     Okay I am over that.  It was sad to let the lady that comes once a week to clean my floors go yesterday.  She is like a friend to me.   But the girls are home from school and they can take care of her work.  I just can't justify the money.  Does this make sense to any of you?  Have you ever continued to pay a bill because you felt sorry for someone or just did not have the guts to let them go?  I hate that crummy feeling.  But I have to look at my finances first.

Out My Window:
Cool and Sunny, but I bet it gets HOT today!  I put the ducks in the pond, and fed the chickens.  It was so beautiful outside.  I would love to get some more perennials to plant on a berm out front.  But I will wait until they are rock bottom give away prices.  Like .25 and.50 at the stores.  A little water, sunshine and love they will live!

     I had a great day yesterday.  Still a little achy but no fever! Sewed $235.00 worth of product.  Still have a very busy day in the shop.  Daughter #2 and I took a fast 40 minute walk down by the River.  We used to run this but I am afraid my running days are over.  Maybe not but I did not want to push it so close to my illness, unless I relapsed.  But it was fun, we took the dog.  I wish I could do this everyday.  Maybe I can get hubby to do it again tonight!  I need to make the last deposit for the studio today.

     Now I am going to storm the castle!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. If I were you... (hmm is that really a good way to start a sentence???).... I would have your daughters do their own laundry! This isn't fair to you. I remember the one post back awhile ago where one daughter came home and had left bags of laundry for you to do. It really makes me sad for you. There is NO reason they can't do it. They are obviously old enough to be taking responsibility for their own chores and pitching in to do a large portion of the household chores. Of course that's just me spouting off.... and they will only step up if you stop doing it all for them.

    Ok I know that wasn't solicited advise so there ends my rant. :)

    I think you did the right thing letting the cleaning lady go if you can't comfortably afford it. I do understand that it would be hard but you have to do what is right for you. Hopefully she will be able to find more work to fill the gap and if/when the time comes that you can afford it again you can hire her back.

    Now go give those girls a kick in the pants. :)

  2. I agree, you had to let your cleaning lady go. It's the right thing for your finances. These are tough times and you had to make the cut. Maybe later on you can hire her back.

    Make those kids help with the laundry! xo

  3. Wow... My daughter does her own laundry. My BF's daughters do their own laundry. I was made to do my own laundry when I was 11.

    As for the cleaning lady, I agree with babyblue.

  4. When I was on the fugitive task force and starting work at 5 am, I also had someone come and clean every other week. For some reason, no one ever thought of picking up the slack! I had to let her go during the divorce and I put it off for weeks because I knew she depended on the income. I know it's really hard to ask for what you need but we both have to learn to do it.


  5. I started at the begining summer...I will not do there laundry anymore..if they run out oh well


  6. You are all so right! They can do their own laundry! Little demons!