Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday, I did it!

     Remember I said I wanted to be able to leave town this  weekend without taking any money out of savings?  Well I did it!  I was able to earn $206.00 in my shop on Thursday and Friday.  I also needed to fill the car with gas and put at least $100.00 in the checking account.  Daughter # 3 paid me back $150.00 she owed me and I was able to do that.  Then I took my change saving bank and cashed it in as I do every three months.  I had $48.66 in there so I have $254.00 to take with me and I did not touch the savings account.  Hooray!

Out My Window:  Too dark to see, I am posting at 2:48 a.m.  Could not sleep arthritis is flaring.

     I am  looking forward to this weekend, I had daughter #2 touch up my roots.  I really started to go gray at 25 and went totally gray at 30.  Darn Scandinavian genes anyway.
       Kids put pressure on me to leave then some money and I said no!  You have your own jobs and you live here rent free. We have enough food in this house to feed them for months and the garden is full of salad fixings.  When I get home I have to pick the pie cherries they will be ripe!
     Well I better get to bed as I must be up early to put out the ducks, feed the chickens and get all the watering done before we leave.  Hubby has already gassed the car.

Have a great 4th of July weekend , I am so grateful for our freedom and the sacrifices it took to give us that freedom!




  1. Yay for you!! What a great way to start the holiday weekend!! And good job standing firm with your kids. That can be tough to do, but they will be better off in the long run. Have a GREAT trip!!


  2. that is wonderful! have a safe & fun trip!

  3. Yay great work!!! Have a wonderful trip!!!

  4. Have fun sweetie!

  5. Sounds wonderful!!! Enjoy