Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday,Mother issues

     Mom had a bad night.  I don't know what caused it but she gets these anxiety spells and we really have to watch her as she will go into A-fib if they are not controlled.  So last night about mid-night she comes out of her room and says she needs me.  I was watching my one private hour of TV, you know that time you get to watch what you want without comments and a channel flipper.  Anyway she usually will leave me alone as she hates the shows I watch.  Was she sick? Was she hungry?  What is going on?  Well she needs to take her meds and she has a terrible stomach ache and gas on her stomach. So I find her zantac and help her go through her pills and take out the ones not absolutely needed (like vitamins).  She gets those down and admits she is having an anxiety attack.  She has never done this before.

    So I get her in bed and crawl in next to her, switch on her netflix and try to find a movie that we can both watch together.  I usually run my fingers through her hair and this puts her to sleep.  Well it didn't and we watched the entire really bad sappy movie.  Now it is really late and I told her to GO TO SLEEP!  She laughed as this is what she would say to us kids when we were little.  I went to go upstairs and turned around and crawled back in bed with her and she really did not sleep until about 4:00.  So I am very sleep deprived.  She has a CT scan tomorrow of her head and I wonder if this is what she is worried about.  I don't know, but I hope she sleeps better tonight.

          Hubs disturbed a wasp nest that was building under our outdoor camp stove while he was getting it ready to process all my jam.  He was stung several times.  We look for these nests constantly and try hard to keep them at bay. This one eluded us.  He swelled up something awful and I rushed to the store to get some benadryl.  I always try to keep this on hand, but we were out.  So he has been a sleepy man, but the arm and hand are going down some.

     I spent an hour yesterday playing the cello part on the piano so hub's could learn the part on the cello. It is hard to find a cello player and Hub's is loath to learn, but we do have two cellos sitting upright in the front room and he has the time.  But do I have the patience?  This will be determined. One note playing over and over, how fun is that?

     Cleaned up the mess from the jam all but the floor of the kitchen, which makes a whack, whack sound when you walk on it right now.  I still have to put 12 jars downstairs in storage. Hubs picked all the ripe cherries off our pie cherry tree and I made up a batch of pie filling which I froze for the fourth of July.  I want to dry some more sweet cherries if I can find the time.

     I tried to get some weeding done last evening after I planted the remaining sale plants I had purchased.  Hubs needed help on leveling the back patio.  I was hoping he could do this himself, but his knees are shot so I was down on the ground on a knee pad trying to lay the very heavy bricks.  I only was able to lay about 10 of them.  They have to be leveled and lifted several times.  I remember building this patio by myself years ago and it was a piece of cake.  What happened?  I got old and Hub's got older.  Damn.  How did we get so weak and out of shape? Arthritis, age they are both demons.  So I did not get as much weeding done as I had planned. And I suppose I will have to help him finish the patio. There go my next couple of evenings.

     The shop has been slow this last couple of days, I still have work to do but nothing major has come in which is unusual as the last 4 months have been crazy busy.  Kind of nice to get to go in there and not be slammed with items that need to go out NOW.

     I think it will be a quiet day here with some sewing, weeding, brick laying, walking, cleaning, laundering, and whatever else I can decide to do.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Sleep deprivation and Benadryl! Sounds like a sleepy household. I, too, am amazed at things being so difficult for me and remember the days everything was easy.

  2. What a sweet daughter you are! And yikes on the wasps!!

    1. Yeah but sweet on the outside the inside is bitching constantly.

  3. I am so sorry for you, There have been nights when I have to stay with Mom until she gets settled. I find if I play Glen Miller/Guy Lombardo music she will settle down and fall asleep, especially if I can get her to take a Tylenol p.m.
    Lack of sleep both sucks and hurts. Crossing my fingers that tonight will be much better!

  4. Never say "It should be a quiet day". Those words tempt fate to prove you wrong.

  5. I'm so glad your husband is learning cello. The world needs more cello music!

    1. I also love the cello. He learned to play the viola 30 years ago but the violin is his first instrument. So often a cello is needed in his quartet and others can always fill in on violin or viola. Thanks for stopping buy.