Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday, I love April!

     Still have not done the bills but I will get on that today:)

     I love April. It is so beautiful outside that I spent about 3 hours out weeding yesterday.  I am going out again this morning for at least an hour.  There is so much to do and a little every day helps.  We really have to rebark this year, but I am saving that for the scouts to do on their fundraiser.  I will just get the beds ready,  One of my front beds I did not touch last year and it is such a mess, I will never do that again.  So I say now.

     In between basking in the sunshine, I managed to get pants hemmed and get two complicated wedding dresses ready for a second fitting.  I caught up on laundry and cleaned the spare room and bath to have it ready for any guests.  I had not ironed pillow cases for a month and had 20 to iron and 4 top sheets.  I just do the top 16 inches where they are turned down.  Also got the ironing done.  I still have not put away the bedding that was used by guests but will try to get house back to normal today.

     I need to go through the fridge and throw away dribs and drabs of food I made last week. Small containers of leftovers.  I like a clean fridge.  I really miss the big chickens as they would eat any leftovers, but I am not giving scarps to the baby chicks yet.  They are growing so fast, losing their down and getting feathers.

      I have several clients coming in today and another wedding dress to alter.  Also 3 sport coats, 2 formals, mother of the bride dress, zippers, general hems.  Blessed with work.

     I am ordering costumes tonight for the spring recital.  I dislike costume ordering but it has to be done.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Sounds like you're back on the groove. Glad spring has gone to visit you! Ours is being very shy and coy and only dropping by for a day at a time. Then winter comes back to remind us it's still around!