Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday, late night coughing

     Well here I am coughing my guts out, don't worry the codeine will kick in soon.  Bedroom furniture delivered today, it looks so nice.  No linens, no curtains, no lamps.  But daughter will be home tomorrow and we can take care of that later. Have a big list of last minute Jr. High stuff, but Mom's will come and help in the afternoon.  Had a mom come with a steamer to help press all the costumes that needed help.  So nice.  So grateful for the mom's that go the extra mile to help.  Made the kids walk over to the High school to pull sets and furniture, then made them walk back with pieces. Nothing was large so it was easy for them.  Had one young man lose his trousers on sate, thank goodness for long johns, I told him it wasn't that kind of show.  We all had a good laugh, including him.  If you can't laugh at those kind of mishaps on stage you will never make it.  Okay screen is getting fuzzy and I am coughing less......

kmi mik