Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday, still moving forward

     Well I was very busy yesterday but I am pretty proud of myself as I got a lot of things done, little things that will make my life easier as the week goes on.  Like call daughter and say can you just order son-in-laws gift as you know where to look for the best price and have it shipped to my house and then I will send you a check?  Sure mom.  Done!  Or how about e-mail the newspaper with all the info for the two shows and have them write the articles and get them in the right days!  That was a two week in advance assignment.  Or call Jr. high secretary to make a poster and tickets and get the office runners to put them up around the school.  That way I know it is done and I don't have to do it or assign it and then go to see that it is done!  Oh I am clever.
     I was able to get all of yesterday's sewing done and of course have a huge pile to do today.  I need to revamp the pear costumes and finish two more of them.  The turtle doves were ordered in by a design company and are just not right, so I will revamp them also.  Then I have to wait for one more package of shirts to come in for the Pipers.  Also have a mom out with sewing that I need to call and check on.  If she isn't done I will get hers and help.  That should tie up sewing for the show.
     I was also able to clean out the bedroom, except for the bed.  The man is coming to tear out the carpet today and he can shove the bed around as he tears it out.  But the downstairs bath is full to the brim with renters stuff.  It is neatly boxed so it will be easy to move.  I am also going to ask the man who will rip out the carpet, what he would charge to paint.  I know I can do this myself, but I just don't see how I can do it before the 19th and that is cutting the carpet laying too close.
     Ceiling, closet, patch, dry walls, trim dry times then carpet down.  Then we have to get a new bed in there and some furniture, which will have to be delivered.  Curtains.  It can be spartan but it has to be done.
     Out My Window: only 2 eggs yesterday, I think the chickens are mad at me for the way I fed them yesterday!  Chickens can hold grudges.  Remember the zucchini?

     I will not go into the studio until late today, my teachers can handle it and I will sew later and get the bedroom worked on.  My goal today is to get the pear costumes done, get paint and supplies for bedroom, get sewing caught up in shop.
     I have $487.00 in the Christmas stash and growing.  If I can get this show over with I can start a little on Christmas.  But Jr. High will occupy most of next week, and that does not leave me much time!

      Well I had better get my butt in gear.  Frugal Dad has a great post today with a lot of great posts attached.  If you have time, which I do not.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. AT one point are you going to rest?


  2. I find the pace of my reading really speeds up as I read through your post - I think your whirlwind of activity gets me going at high speed lol! You make me feel as if I was standing still all day, but really, I wasn't:) But I don't know if I could keep up to YOU!