Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday, so I bought a new washer

     Hubby and I bought a new washer $679.00 with delivery and hauling off the old machine.  I am paying all the medical bills, I am fully funding my emergency fund and whatever is left will go back on the credit card.  I already made a $500.00 payment to the card.  I will survive.  Actually I will more than survive.  
     I really like Sharon's, motto of spending less and living more.  I need to pay less and save more.  I stress myself to the max with unrealistic goals and then feel like a failure.  So stupid.  I need to relax and stress less.  This blog actually helps me to do this.  I get great advice and support.  It is a way of thinking out loud.  You get others in some what of the same position you are in, that can say yes you are doing it right or no your need to do this.
     My biggest goal for next year is less stress and my goals financially will reflect that.  My budget will reflect that.  I will still get out of debt and it will be okay.  Just think of how far I have come.  I just went out and paid cash for a washer.  Two years ago I was so in debt I would have had to have charged this and just had less to spend.   My post yesterday listed all the big expenses I incurred in 2011 ending with the purchase of a wash machine, but I did not go further into debt for any of those things.  How many people can do that?
  I did however incur debt last summer keeping the studio bills paid and that will not happen again. I will have a savings for that.  I may not have to use it if we can keep a summer ballet program going.   But I will not worry about that now.  I cannot control the summer but I can save for it. 
    Tomorrow I will list all the great things, I think I have accomplished this year.  NDChic has a great post about this.    This blog was started to help me see Out My Window and appreciate what I have.

I just want you to know I have a lot!  (that was for Judy)

Have a great evening,


  1. So details...its kind of like appliance porn. What of buttons...come on tell....

  2. Did someone say p*rn?lol

    Go list your 2011 accomplishments Kim. I bet that will get you in a better place fast!

  3. Judy, it is white top, top load large capacity, with and agitator a 3 years guarantee and 25 years on the motor. If I am alive in 25 years I will be thrilled. Also did you know that many new washers are low water without an agitator. They are like the new low flush toilets they don't really clean the clothes well and the toilets don't really flush well. We save water but we are dirty with floaters! You wanted to know that huh?

  4. Ha! Nice extra details. Actually, HE washers are pretty decent and do use less water/electricity while keeping your clothes as clean. The soaps are also designed to be stronger than the regular washer's soap. That is a terrific warranty on the motor, though!

  5. I looove a great appliance ;) I looked at the top load ones with no agitator and could not imagine how the clothes come clean.
    I got a front load one, large capacity HE thing and at first I was sceptical but I came around and am still in love! The jeans and the towels that we go through - crazy.
    Kim - may you outlive the warranty and have "loads" of fun with the new guy!

  6. Isn't it great how excited we can all get about a washing machine???!!! We really need a life! But seriously I've had the same one now for 17 years and it's still faithfully plugging away - I am thankful that at least some things are built to last!

  7. Congrats on paying cash for your washer! That's a huge step in the right direction and you will get there. I agree, you should fund your business for your summer slow time first before worrying about getting debt down.

  8. @ Jane I know its like KIM GOT A NEW WASHER!!! I am so excited. Although now her dryer might get jealous and we all know what happens. So Kim I think you should be extra nice to your dryer right now...give it a little it pretty just in case.

    And you damn well better still be here in 25 years I need people to talk to