Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday night, I am home from the specialist!

     Long drive, long visit, blood work,  yes they had to mine for a vein, x-rays, I feel like a pin cushion, and because my medication is going generic, it has stopped working well, so I get a new more expensive medication that has to be injected by IV drip requiring a 5 hour round trip to the specialist.  But remember this is happening in 2011 so it is okay!  Once the first drip is administered I can do the injections at home weekly.  The joints in my feet are collapsing and my right wrist is collapsing, but my blood pressure is 96 over 54 so I will outlive my washer!
     I had to laugh at the receptionist as they have started a new program and the rheumatologists office to help patients.   Do you smoke?  No. Have you ever smoked?  No.  Do you drink? No.  Have you ever drank? No.  Are you over weight? No.  Do you exercise?  I teach 16 hours of dance a week.  Can we give you some special diet advice on whole foods and grains?  I grow a huge garden, grind my own wheat and make bread, have my own chickens and fruit trees and bees.  Oh we can't help you with this program but we can put you on a new medication that will cost about $1500.00 a treatment.  Okay I am grateful.  Just sarcastic.

     I can't beleive tomorrow is New Years Eve!  I haven't made plans. Yikes!


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