Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, I am saving

     Well I am saving for Christmas, don't know when I will do the shopping but at least I will have some money.  So far I have $270.00 saved.  All my savings has to come out of the shop and since I am very busy with  all the shows sewing is hard.
     The first classes back after Thanksgiving break have gone pretty well.  We still need a lot of rehearsal and we don't have much time left.  I did manage to get 4 costumes sent out to a mother to sew and then I realized that I am short a cow costume so I have to get that done.   I also had a mother come in last night and we figured out how to fix all the Lords a Leaping costumes.  She is going to do this tomorrow or Friday.  We are short one pair of pants for the drummers.  I have no idea where they went.  Also a dad came in last night and fixed the drums so they fit the dancers better.  Have you ever danced a fast Celtic number with a drum around your neck?  I am task master.  So now I have to make a master list and get as many costumes passed out this Saturday at the big rehearsal as possible, that way I am not inundated at the dress rehearsal.  I will put a mom in charge of hair,hairpieces, and makeup for each class.
     I started to pull the wallpaper off the walls in the downstairs bedroom.  I am just going to work for 1/2 hour a day in there.  Just like I weed the yard, if I do this it won't seem like such a big job.  When I am done with this I will remove all the molding around the room and wash all the walls with a bleach solution to kill any mold that might be lurking.  I want to paint and have new carpet laid.  I did call a carpet man yesterday and he is coming to measure.
     In the mean time I have a a lot of sewing to do in the shop.  So this morning I am going to do a quick run through the house, pull wall paper and then start sewing.  I am also going to remake the Master list for the show on props and costumes.  I have made several of these but I update as the list gets smaller.
     We are already getting tuition for December, can you believe that?  I sent out a three page note about the recital, upcoming rehearsals and costume info, but the first paragraph was thanking the parents for their prompt response on tuition. I wanted them to know how much we appreciate not having to nag them.

     Out My Window:  Still losing leaves off the trees,  Hubby has hit the back yard, but sometimes it looks like we have not touched this yard! 
     I actually paid the house payment yesterday, and set up December's budget.  I have never done this before a month starts in the last 5 years.  See what good influence you bloggers are? I used to pay my house payment on the last day of the month before I was charged a late fee.  Now it is paid by the first.  Of course I am broke but at least I know where I stand.  I also know what I need to do for Christmas and it depends on me.  No guessing and hoping that the money is there and then over spending and depression setting in in January. I still look at my bill book as a miracle.  It is still hard to pay the debt and it is slow going with backward steps sometimes but I know I am making progress just in the relief I feel and the number of bills I pay a month.
Have a great and productive day!



  1. I always pay my mortgage payment right before that cut off date also. I need to change that.

  2. Forget about the bathroom until after the holidays!!! Consider it a present to yourself.

  3. Just don't over work yourself! I agree with mysti give the wallpaper a rest until after the holidays. Your hands will thank you

  4. Take care of yourself - you have a lot going on & don't want to burn out! Your post reminded me to send my husband our December budget for review. Just planning out the monthly numbers & adjusting based on things we have coming up is a huge step for me too! :-)

  5. I'm with Judy and Mysti....forget the remodeling until Jan. Take that extra time to breath!lol

  6. Oh my, do you really need to work on that bedroom NOW? or do you need it done for christmas? Seems like you have so much going on already what with the shows and the sewing! You don't need to exercise - it's like you run a marathon every day!

  7. You still sound so busy!! Do you ever take a break, my dear?

    Remember to take some time for just you. :)!

    Great job on saving some $$ for Christmas.