Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, Fun project!

     I have been replacing things in my kitchen since September, when Husband realized that after sending three girls to college the equipment in the kitchen was getting scary.  I saved and replace the silverware, pans, and knife set.  The knives were 33 years old.  I have never had a really nice set of dishes.  I purchased two colors of Fiesta wear, soft teal blue and cream, 4 place settings of each.  Over the past 3 month I have added a few pieces as they go on sale.  Yesterday at the Veteran's day sale I was able to get one additional color, it is called paprika.  So I have 12 settings and the three colors look so good together and go with the wallpaper in the dining room.  (Birds from the 50's very retro!)  Kind of silly but I love my new dishes.  Maybe because I never buy anything really nice for myself.
     Daughter and I went to Joanns yesterday to purchase polar fleece for the studio.  I am making hats/scarf sets for the dancers for an upcoming outside performance.  We stumbled upon some really cute Thanksgiving fabric 50% off.  I had an additional 10% coupon and a gift card for $25.00.  I was able to purchase napkin and runner fabric and enough additional fabric to make 5 holiday Turkey aprons.  It has a Turkey front on the bib with 7 different colored feathers.  So funny and cute.  Each lady at dinner will have one.  Daughter is going to help.

     Now you are thinking why would someone with 2 upcoming shows and all that costuming stop and make 5 aprons and napkins etc?  Because it is fun!  Sometimes I just want to do something creative for me.  Just for the h#$@ of it.  I was thinking as I was buying this fabric, I am like Judy in a yarn store!  Colors are rust, burgundy, beige, turquoise, green,brown,orange.  Very bright and so funny.  Total cost $42.69. less $25.00 gift card, you do the math.  I know, I know money I did not have to spend.  But I do use cloth napkins and my Thanksgiving ones are 14 years old shabby and faded and my new dishes don't like them.  My new dished talk to me.  They like me.  They think I am pretty.

     Out My Window:  Hubby home yesterday, did he get any yard work done? NO!  Did he get a long nap? YES!
     Well I am going to get nails done (yuck, I hate this, time and money) then I need to get the truck tires replaced.  Also we are going to Moscow to watch a play tonight.  One of our dancers is in the show Bye, Bye, Birdie.  I am also going to work on my aprons today!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I can't say I didn't laugh at the talking dishes... good thing they speak to you after you bought them, not before while you're at the store. Hope the show goes great! It's fun to do things you enjoy without any work-related purpose.

  2. I love dishes that tell you you're pretty! BUY MORE!! The aprons sound FUN, and yes, you should make something fun once in awhile. And whata good deal - no guilt involved there whatsoever!!

  3. May I steal just 1/10th of your energy? Goodness, Kim you are a busy woman!!

  4. Holy sow you are busy!! Sounds like a fun weekend though!
    p.s. You deserve nice new stuff for your kitchen!

  5. I bought new dishes in late summer, and every time I open the cupboard to get something, I smile! It's the small things like this that bring us joy.

  6. I wish my dishes said nice things to me! :) Sometimes they don't like my tablecloth or christmas napkins. I completely understand!

    I bet food tastes better off a beautiful new plate! You deserve it!