Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday, this will be a long day!

     Every Wednesday during the school year I watch a 2 year old girl in the morning.  Our oldest daughter has a high school friend that did everything right.  She went to school got her degree, met a nice husband who also had his degree.  They got married established nice teaching careers, after 4 years they bought a cute house later had their first baby, then the recession hit.  They both found out they would lose their jobs a week before Claire was born.    Anyway, they lost the house and moved home and started over.   They had a year of unemployment and then both found jobs here.  So I watch Claire Wednesday mornings and grandpa picks her up at noon.  I have had her since she was born.  It saves this couple over $100.00 month to have her watched by us one day a week.  She is very good and sweet, the only downfall is that I have to get up one hour earlier and it KILLS me.  Sleep is so precious to me.  I feel like I am drugged and rummy when I wake up early.  This lasts most of the day. I have never been a morning person.  I try but I always fail.

     Need to shake it off.  I was not able to get as much choreography done last night.  My classes are just younger and I think I may be expecting too much out of them.  I have three more weeks/lessons before we go into production and I am scared.  But I can't get past certain points because they have to keep relearning old choreography.  I just need more time with them.  I may have to schedule extra lessons.
     Daughter #2 has a work interview today so I hope she gets this job.  Her school loans are coming due.  Daughter #3 called and said her I-pod which she lives by was stolen at a party. (I have told her not to go to strange parties on campus).  She is devastated.  I said I would not by a new one.  I am buying her a ski coat for her Birthday and she really needs this.  I said I can replace the I-pod but no coat.  Or you can wait and get the I-pod for Christmas but not much else. Well she is already picking up extra shifts to earn the money to cover the I-pod.  Funny she could not do that to cover the rent.  I have been nagging her to work at least 5 more hours a week.  Just bring in $150.00 more a month will so help your and my situation.  But no she could not, school was just too much, so I backed down.  But now here we have a situation that makes her life more miserable and she can work, work, work.  I always new she could.  We will see how long it takes her to replace the I-pod.  I bet she earns a new one in a month.  I kind of see it as a blessing.  I always knew she could work more.

     I had many more checks last night, I have not done a deposit, but it is going to be interesting to see how much tuition is in before the 10th.  So nice.  Now I need to go do the books and get a budget written out for this month.  It really never changes but I like to be able to mark it off.  So today, I will balance both check books and get budget written out.  I also have more sewing to do(it never ends).  I have a play read through at 3 o'clock and then will teach until 8.  I love it when Wednesday's are over.

     Out My Window:  Putting the light in the chicken coop has helped.  Our egg production really dropped last week, but it is back up with the artificial light.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Changing your normal routine always hurts... especially smaller changes. Have you tried maybe waking up half-hour earlier on Tuesday and Thursday? Just curving your times ever so slightly could help. It has helped me in the past. Best of luck!

  2. I am so glad the tuition checks are up, and you stood your ground with your daughter. I am not a morning person so just getting the kids out the door makes me cranky but you are so sweet to watch there child!!!


  3. You are such a good friend to watch the little girl. Truly - what a gift to that couple.

    I think it's great that you stood your ground with your daughter. It's an important lesson for her, but it's also just the right thing to do in your financial situation.

  4. Oh those daughters of ours eh? I'm trying to squeeze $50 a month from mine to cover her share of the car insurance. She moans about "saving for tuition" and not working many hours but then the next day goes and gets her hair coloured, buys new makeup blah blah blah. I keep talking to her about the difference between needs (she NEEDS car insurance) and wants but so far its falling on deaf ears. However, she DID pay me $50 for October. Time to start nagging for November!

  5. Hi, I just discovered your blog and enjoy reading it. I'm definitely not a morning person either! I have a daughter who studies and also works part-time. She is pretty good with managing on her income and rarely asks me for money. She has learnt that clothing from the discount stores can be just as good as the name brands.She likes going grocery shopping with me though as she often gets away with throwing extras into the trolley!