Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, I will get those bills paid today!

     I have too much to do today, I bet you have never heard me say that before.  But my In-laws are coming so I need to get busy.  Oh the joy of the Holidays!

  1.  Go to Joanns to get trim to finish last apron
  2. Dust and clean Family room
  3. Change sheets on guest room bed
  4. sweep out garage and straighten shop
  5. clean and straighten kitchen
  6. make a last minute list for Thanksgiving dinner to give to In-laws
  7. Pay #$%@ bills and straighten desks (Wasn't this on the list last Monday?)
  8. Make 10 pot holders, (I have all the stuff and left overs form aprons, they will look cute in the pockets)
  9. Finish an sewing in the shop

There you have it. the list it is official.

Out My Window:  Okay, you can not see the back yard due to the leaves, it is time to rake.  My father-in-law will kick my husbands butt out there I am sure.

     I am going to get dressed and get busy, because I usually sit around reading novels and eating bonbons. I will report on the progress of my list later.  I have had 4 phone calls during this post for sewing, money, money money, I know you are the root of all evil but I love thee.

Have a great and productive day!



    1. There is no keeping you down for long!

      I need to channel some of your gumption and get going!

      Glad you are back at it!

    2. I'm exhausted just reading your list. Now where do I put those bonbons of mine?
      Take it easy!

    3. Busy busy busy. I hope those bills don't make it after today, or we'll have to all email you to get them done!

    4. Having company can get stressful, huh? You work so hard, hopefully you'll find some time for just you!!

    5. Tell you what Kim, just for you I'LL do the sitting around and eating of bonbons ok? I know it's a sacrifice but I'm will to do it just for you. No one else, mind, just YOU! Thank goodness you're not sick THIS week!

    6. Wow and Kim is back! Hope you got your list done or at least put a big dent in it!

    7. I am tire just reading your list!