Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, Can I have a punch card for this?

     Husband went to follow up with the surgeon yesterday.  The condition he has is very treatable, and every 3 months to a year it will have to be repeated.  You mean every three months you will have to under go general anesthetics at the cost of about $2000.00?    I have so much sympathy for what Mrs. M and her husband are going through right now , she is crushed and he feels worse, but I had the gall to ask my husband and the surgeon, DO YOU OFFER A PUNCH CARD FOR THIS?  Like if I buy 11 latte's I get the 12th one free?  I am not very sympathetic, I could only think of the cost.  I guess I had just come from paying a $620.00 emergency room bill (after insurance) and I know that there are more to come.  I have to do this again when?  Do you notice I said I.  Not, oh, my poor husband who is choking on a regular basis and then has to undergo this procedure, poor baby.  No I have to pay for this again, when?  Bad wife, bad person

.   Anyway on a better note, we do not have to pay any insurance premiums in November or December this year.  It appears that the State of Idaho over planned the amount that the insurance premiums would go up and have been over charging so now we get the rest back.  By the way  this is a poor State, but very conservative, (which I hate) except we do balance the budget every month and my husbands portfolio for retirement has never lost any money.  I can't say the same for my IRA. So yippee more money for Christmas and to save for future choking episodes.

     I went and paid the $719.00 to US Bank, paid Hubbies first doctor bill, $620.00 put only $1000.00 on CC instead of $3500.00, did not touch emergency fund.  I will do snow tires this weekend.  Any more money that comes into the studio will go directly to CC.  We still have about $1000.00 out to apply to the Card but I am scared right now, so I will wait until later in the month.  I do not want to incur any new debt.  I am disappointed but there is not much else I can do about it.  I will get over this sooner than I ought (I love Jane Austin don't you?)  This means that I will get no U-RAHH!  this month and I am blue..... sad....okay on with life.

     This is just going to put me behind if I don't get the CC paid off by the end of December.  I hate it when I make plans and they don't work out.  Tantrum, spit, anger!@#$%^&

     Out My Window:  I just went out to the chicken coop and found 5 eggs.  My mom is getting me a little basket that hangs on my back door for Christmas.  It is flat, with a handle and she is making different liners that can be washed and changed out. (chicken eggs are umm.. dirty)  Yes we do wash the eggs in soap and water.  I can pick it up as I go out the back and never drop an egg.  Isn't that a thoughtful cute idea.  My mommy is so clever.

     Well enough complaining, I need to get to work. Sew, sew, sew, and finish the laundry.  I also need to get a few groceries it is scary upstairs.  Where did all the fruit and cereal, yogurt, lunch meat, crackers, and meat go?  One cannot live on eggs and ww bread alone.  Well actually you could but it is boring.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow.. $2000 every 3 months?! We would be doomed! I'm glad at least it's treatable! Honestly, I think it's just instinct when you're constantly trying to make ends meet, etc... You're far from being a bad wife/person, Kim. Hope you're able to figure everything out financially.

  2. They should offer a punch card! :) That's a lot of money.

  3. That is very expensive. I am surprised it'd be $2k every 3 months. (Not sure if he has insurance or not, so I wont go there). However, I do hope that he gets better soon and that whatever it is, gets treated and gone forever. You’re not a bad person, it is a reality of life. You’re looking after both of your financial wellbeing and long-term wellbeing, so it’s only natural to react that way at such a bill.

  4. Maybe if you pureed hubby's food he could last for six months instead of three. Oh my bad, thinking only about the $$$ and not poor hubby! We're just born to be practical Kim cause if we're not who will be??? I don't think you're a bad wife or a bad person - we HAVE to think about the $$. He's still going to get the treatment but it does have to be paid for doesn't it? could move to Canada!

  5. Hmmm maybe if you offer to pay them in cash they will give you a discount, my dentist did. I would ask to I mean come on thats allot of money.

    I never gave any thought to the fact that the chicken egg would be um, dirty. There so nice and shiny in my 24 pack when I buy them