Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday, I must keep going!

     Well so much for not spending, I had to pay the printer yesterday $227.00 and then we had asked to have the back windows at the studio lined with a white liner that would allow us to store things behind the windows.  These take on full hot sun and anything we put in them melts.  Remember 120 degrees in downtown is not unusual.  We ordered the window paper in August.  It arrived and the workman was putting it on yesterday, during a wind storm.  It is beautiful and the parents who saw it really liked it.  But the cost was $432.00.  So for someone that was not going to spend money, I am doing a great job!  We were going to have to rent a storage unit after this show, but now we can store in the windows, this will save us about $65.00 a month plus the aggravation of having to go to a unit.  I keep telling myself I will make it up in December, but I am having bad feelings about this.  Okay I did not spend any money personally, not even a soda!  After all a soda is .65 out of my machine so I was really good.  I spent $659.00 on the business. (heavy sarcasm)  What about broke do I not understand?  I thought I would be sending $3500.00 to a credit card this month and I only sent $1000.00 and climbing into a hole!

I Love Getting Out of Debt, it is so easy.

     I ran like a raped ape yesterday,sewing, bank, bank, printer, studio, lunch with TV Add manager, sewing, play rehearsal, teach dance, clean, work on my aprons, oh don't forget spend money I didn't have on bills!

     I was under the weather a little yesterday, I must have eaten something that does not  like me, without going into details it is worse today.  At least I do not have a play rehearsal today and I have 1.5 hours tonight that I don't have to teach.

     Okay enough whining.  I was able to pull many costumes and things and count what was needed at the studio.  I did find an expensive costume for one of the French hens that was missing.  I also pulled all the props and counted them.  So now I have a better idea of what I need to do.  I also made a list of people who I will call on to fix things.  A mom will come tonight to pin and get costumes ready to alter and I will finish all routines tonight.  If it kills me!  It just might.  Drummers, Lords a Leaping, Swans a Swimming.  Just too much to do with 27 kids in three hours.

     All of my new napkins are done and the table runner.  I have cut out all the parts for the bibs on the aprons.  The one bib is put together and it is so cute.  My goal today before I leave for the studio, is to put the 4 other ones together and to clean the desk off and pay all the bills due for the house.  Balance the check books, YUCK!  Also laundry needs to be finished.
     Again I am trying to think of my mantra this week.  Is any one going to do this for you? No!  then get busy.  I keep saying this to myself.  I think it is working.

     Out My Window:  Really bad wind storm here yesterday, many people lost power.  Chickens freaked out and  broke their warming light and several eggs.  Poor darlings.

     Well typing here is not getting anything accomplished on today's list, but it is nice to sit and chat and a stress reliever.  Organizes my brain, or whats left of it.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I with you - not feeling very good at all today, but no one else is going to get it all done! Keep moving on!

  2. Kim you will make the money up by not renting the storage unit int 6 months! Plus not having to rent it in the future. When my son took over his new teaching job he called a few of the high schools that had kids who needed volunteer time(all of the Catholic school here do that), they sent him 4 boys and 3 girls who helped organize and clean everything. He then signed off on there volunteer papers and they asked if they could come back again if he needed help. Just an idea.

    Now slow down. Take a breath. Make some tea. You are going to be fine. We are all cheering for you!

  3. hang in there kim! you are such a hard worker! it'd great that you are saving money by getting the windows done instead of the storage unit.
    Do you get to take a break in January at all?

  4. "I Love Getting Out of Debt, it is so easy."
    Oh Kim, God bless you, you can also make a joke out of misery and make me laugh:) Do you know much a good laugh is worth? It's priceless, so thank you. Today was a work day from hell as "all hell broke loose" with a couple of our students - you wouldn't believe it all if I told you. My shoulders are so tight and sore from the stress its all I can do to hold my head up. Tell me another joke Kim...please!