Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, Internet troubles

     Well thank goodness that Holiday is over!  I am very frustrated, installed a new security program as ours was about to expire and all He##  broke out on this computer.  I had last week off and really got nothing done for the upcoming show.  Had to entertain the old folks and cook.  It was fine but an irritation.  No rest ,up at the crack of dawn for me.  My one week to get ready for Christmas shows blown by blither.  But I must remember that someday I will be old and I will be upsetting someones apple cart.

     I hope every one had a great Holiday, I ate too much and still have pie left,  I am also making Turkey soup today.  I have so much to do in the next three weeks it is actually scary.  But one day at a time.  It is my youngest daughter's birthday today.  We celebrated yesterday before the girls left for their various homes.  They were actually quite nice to each other very little fighting over the holidays, I think being separated and getting a good job has made them easier to live with.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
      You will all be proud of me.  I was so frustrated Saturday morning when my in-laws left.  I had that day to get so much done and Daughter #2 says, "Mom next weekend is the big rehearsal the next the show and the next the Jr. High show.  When are you going to do Christmas?"  Duh, I don't know.  I avoid Christmas until the last minute and then spend too much money in desperation to make things right.   She insisted in doing all the decorating Saturday.  We worked form noon until about 10:30 p.m.  The tree is up, entire upstairs done and it looks beautiful  We actually went a bought an artificial tree.  I always wanted one but with a forester for a husband this was hard.  Well nursery trees this year are about $80.00 for the size I want.  It is always dead and crackling by Christmas   We found a 7.5 foot prelit pine it is gorgeous and I will use it on stage at the show.  We can move it in three parts.  So tax-deduction, show expense.  Yeah!  When I go upstairs I can almost feel the Christmas spirit. I also got the kids to fill out Christmas lists.  All were reason able except for the youngest.  She has a lot to learn.

     Out My Window:  The larch trees have lost all their needles and stand like huge naked sentinels in the back yard.  Hubby picked up truck loads of leaves this last week.  I was having trouble with a large plastic broom rake.  It was not picking up.  I kept turning it over thinking that I was not using the correct sides.  Well low a behold we have worn the middle tines off on both plastic broom rakes.  How funny they have to be 10 years old.  That is a lot of raking!  We went and purchased new ones on sale as all of the Christmas was crowding out the yard tools.

     I get a little bit of joy every time I walk through my front room!  I ordered feather pieces we are short for the show and I need to go get copies made this morning.  I am about caught up in the shop.  But you all know how that goes.  I have so many costume issues to cover in the next two weeks so I had better get busy.  My goal is to have this last CC paid off by the New Year.  So I had better get my butt in gear.
I will try to catch up on the blogs tonight!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. We have had a beautiful artificial tree for about the last 10 years. I just couldnt see paying that much to put a dead tree in my house!

    Sounds like you will be super busy so remember to eat, sleep, take your vitamins and rest!

  2. Your hubby raked tons of leaves?? Hurrah!!And with a new rake I'm sure he'll want to keep on top of the leaf situation:)
    What a nice daughter you have and now that the decorating is DONE it is already helping to put you into the holiday spirit! I hope after Christmas is done and the shows are done you can take a little vacation!!

  3. I'm from the pacific northwest, so it was hard to cave & buy an artificial tree, but we did last year & I love it! No mess, no cleaning needles off the ground & infinitely cheaper. I miss the smell, but maybe I can find a cancelt aht works as well.

    I agree - it puts a smile on my face to walk through the house & enjoy the decorations.