Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday, I made it one whole day without my daughter!

     It was busy here yesterday and we were able to get through at the studio just fine with daughter gone.   Monday's are hectic as we have so many classes going and kids going from one studio to another. Teachers running back and forth.  Tonight will be easier as we don't teach at the college in the evening. I also will not have a Junior High play rehearsal.
     I am going to call my landlord and turn on the heat at the studio.  But I will pay a furnace man to come in and set it.  Last year landlord did it and I was getting 4-500.00 power bills.  I told him get it fixed or I am moving.  Low and behold we can heat the place for about $250.00 if we keep it at 68 M-F from 2:30 to 8:00 and 50 the rest of the time.

     I also have a dancer that comes from a very poor family that was sold the wrong style of point shoe.  I made her try on another dancer's shoe and she was able to pop right up in them.  I am a little irritated because I always have my new dancers get fitted by a professional and this shoe is WRONG for her.  Point shoes run about $80.00 a pair.  So I will call and complain and I know they will send me a new pair.  I don't complain, ever and I give this shop a great deal of business.  There are hundreds of different styles of shoes to fit different shaped feet, I don't know what they were thinking.
    We are still getting checks every night.  It is the 8th, it will be interesting to see who will get a late charge.  I went through registration last night and it is the same old bunch that has not paid, but many of them have the next three days so we will see.  I am actually looking forward to sending out the late charges.  Before I was always apologetic or scared.  Now I don't care.  It is my money.  I have worked hard for it.  Go, Kim, go!

     Out My Window:  We have to get the chickens water warmer fixed or buy a new one.  It was frozen this morning.  32 here last night. Brrrrrrr...

     I have a Wedding dress fitting at 10 and many people to call to pick up.  I also need to hem at least 10 pairs of pants.   So here I go off to another fun filled eventful day! (heavy sarcasm)

     Can someone please tell me how to get into the Christmas spirit?  Judy's post a while back got me there for a minute, but I am lagging.......  I was thinking each or us should write a post about our most memorable Christmas and share it.  What do you think?  Different stories, maybe a little inspiration.  Just a thought.  But not until after Thanksgiving, I think we need to concentrate on this important Holiday.  I love Thanksgiving, lots of good food and family and no gifts or unmet expectations.

     Have a great and productive day!




  1. Good for you! Don't be afraid to collect the money that is yours.

  2. I'm so glad that parents are finally paying up & hopefully you get the rest of the money ASAP!! As for the Christmas spirit, Christmas is what you make of it... If others have unreal expectations, let them know you're getting out of the commercial aspect of Christmas, and into the real spirit if Christmas! :)

  3. I love the idea about posting of Christmas experiences. Right up my ally right now. Would love to hear yours.

    You are right in your thinking - it is your money - nothing at all to feel guilty about. Keep pushing through!

  4. Go Kim, go! It's funny that you'd be looking forward for late fees, but I guess I can't blame you. If it helps you with the holiday spirit, there are only 46 days before Christmas! You could also go blogger-background picking for your Christmas theme... or you know, get the tree or lights out. It's never too soon for them!

  5. great idea about posting a fave Christmas memory, remind us when it's time. So glad you are getting the money in and without the guilt!

  6. Favorite Christmas memory...that is do-able!

  7. Oh Tanner! 46 days?? Yikes!! About Christmas - you know I LOVE going down memory lane - I'm sure I can come up with a story or two! I caught a little whiff of the Christmas spirit today - my daughter and I went and paid for her new bed & mattress and it will be delivered Thursday. Then, SHE took ME out for dinner to celebrate. She was so excited to be getting a new bed. She currently sleeps in one part of a bunkbed set that my older sister and I slept in oh about 50 years ago!! (I like to get my $$'s worth out of my furniture lol - though my MOM paid for THAT bunkbed!) Getting that gift for Kazi definitely put ME into the Christmas mood:)