Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, Veterens Day!

     Daughter called me last night from a town 120 miles away and said, Mom the check you gave me won't go through so I can get gas to come home.  Remember her exit last Sunday?  I gave her that check for dance lessons.  I had opened a new bank account at a CU and it was a counter check, so of course it could not be used at a gas station.  I had filled her car when she left and I did not worry about how she would get back, I thought she is 24 she can figure it out.  Anyway, I told her to use her CC.  She said it is maxed,  (Like Duh)  I told her to use it anyway and pay the overage charge. They would not let her.  So I asked the clerk to take my # over the phone they would not do that either.  She was crying and desperate.  I just want to come home.  Well I know,but you also need to plan ahead, I am thinking.  She has now thoroughly embarrassed herself at this station.  I said where is your check book?  Usually she can't find anything, car insurance proof, license, cc, checkbook anything that she needs to be responsible in life is just missing or left behind.   I check the balance in her checking account on-line and she had about $91.00, more than enought to fill-up.  So I told her go to a different station and see if they will take your check.  She was able to get home.  But I don't think she will ever repeat that experience.  Hubbie and I sat at dinner last night and laughed.  We don't want her unhappy but pull your head out and think.  You knew you had to get home.  Why not ask or go to a bank or call before the banks close?  She has been away to dance, in New York, and other cities but always at company expence with a company CC.  Never away on her own.  The good news out of all this is that she earned about $3000.00 last week, so she will eventually be fine.  Her plan is to get out of debt and pay all of her school loans off this year. 
     It is so good to see her.  She had a paycheck waiting for her when she got here.  Husband is home from work for Veterans day.  There is a parade downtown for the Veterans.  I need to go put posters out today for the upcoming show.  I will also send Hubby to get new tires on truck.  I have $500.00 saved now and I just got paid so I think we can do this without killing the emergency fund.
     It has been an expensive week.  I tried to by my first Christmas gift last night and I called daughter and she already bought the book.  That day in fact.  See I cannot get my kids anything because they already have it!  Well not really but that is how I feel.

Out My Window:  I can hear the chickens clucking really loud, so it must be egg laying time.  We need to rake leaves really bad.

     I had a dance mom come to the shop yesterday and cut out two cow costumes we are short.  The eight maids a milking have cows.  So cute.  She is coming back today to cut out two dresses for the 9 ladies dancing.  I have a little sewing to do in the shop, but I do beleive that I am catching up.  Which is good and bad!  Because the shop is our spending money, gas, food, etc.  We have no paycheck money for these things.   But I have been blogging for months and have you ever seen me run out of work?  Okay so that answers my question and calms my nerves. Well I had better get busy, I want to get some things done today besides the usual.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Awww that stinks. And wow $3,000 is a lot!

  2. Well lesson learned hopefully! Glad someone came in to help you with some of the costumes.


  3. $3000 is a heck of a good check for a week or payperiod!

    That is a pretty bad situation. I've found myself with no gas (thanks siblings for using my car and not refueling) and no money (also thanks for taking the $10 I keep under the car radio). It isnt a pretty situation. Glad your daughter was able to get that figured out! Hopefully that's the first and last time she has to go through that.

  4. Life lessons - I remember my truck (yes, it was my parents only available car when I was in college & working multiple jobs - a lime green 1976 Chevy) running out of gas on the side of the freeway. I had to have it towed because I was hoping to wait until payday to fill up & got stuck in traffic, running out of gas. It was A LOT more expensive for a tow & not safe.

    Nice work catching up at the shop!

  5. First time commenting on your blog (I think). So thankful your daughter made it home safely and you helped her figure out a way to get the gas she needed! When my son was a senior in high school and opened a checking account, since he was a minor, my name ended up on it too. He's 22 but my name is still on his account. Every once in awhile (okay more often than every once in awhile) he gets into a jam and needs some money so I can transfer money from hubby/mine account to son's account. Helps for those life emergencies :)

    Good paycheck for your daughter!!!

    I hope you have a good weekend!


  6. Tee hee, oh my, shouldn't laugh! But I think that if my daughter and your daughter got together they still wouldn't be able to figure out how to get home!
    For us planning ahead is just automatic. For them however its still us doing the planning! They just haven't learned those skills yet. But they will, rest assured:)