Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday, My daughter got the job!

     We are on cloud 9 right now, (have you ever wondered how much better cloud 10 is?)  She has a job.  Full time, forty hours a week. Over $30.00 an hour.  She is so blessed.  Work is so hard to get right now.  She is the first one in her class to get a job.  We are having the younger one come down to the valley to have her snow tires put on today.  It is not snowing here, but it is up on the prairie.

     We are meeting with two of our teachers one who had been out professionally and one who is professional status to help take over daughters classes.  This will mean more payroll out as daughter was taking no money from studio this year so I could pay off debt.  But we will be okay and I will just have to go a little slower.  But I will still be able to pay off the last card by the middle of December.  I would rather have daughter have a career started.  I can get this debt paid off and I will be fine.  We are not letting parents know right away, we want people to learn to trust the other teachers.  When the Christmas show comes off well they will see that others can do the job well.  Daughter will still come down for Friday classes and Saturday rehearsals.  I will have to take over at least two of her hardest classes, but that is okay.

     I was able to almost catch up is the shop yesterday and then poof, 14 pairs of pants show up to hem!   I am blessed with work.  I now have 1/2 the money saved for our new tires on the truck.  I really need to get busy and get this done.  If hubby hits bad snow I will have to do it anyway.  I am wondering if I should just take the money out of savings.  I hate to do that.

     Out My Window:  Chickens are all huddled up in the coop they are so cute!  A big Red, black and white ball.  But 6 eggs a day!

     Lots of little to do's today.  I am going over to surprise one of my sewing customers that has a 90th birthday today.  I am taking him a bag of frozen shrimp!  What do you get a 90 year old they have everything and don't want anything, but he loves shrimp. The meeting with our staff is after 3 p.m.  So I guess I will get dressed and try to make something out of this day. Hubby let me sleep in!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. A huge congrats to your daughter! That's wonderful!

    Shrimp is a great gift, a nice little indulgence!

  2. I am so happy for your daughter and for you!!!!!!


  3. I think I would take the money out for the tires now. Rather hubs be safe. It looks like you will be able to replace. You are already half way there.

  4. Congrats for your daughter! U-RAH!!!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter!!! thats great news.
    "I am blessed with work"- you have such a good attitude to things

  6. Best news I've heard today!! Congrats to your daughter - a great job is definitely cause for a huge celebration these days! Sounds like things are looking up in your corner of the world :)


  7. That's a nice beginning hourly rate of pay!! Everyone must be over the moon (that's where cloud 10 is by the way:)!

  8. Wow!!! Congrats to your daughter, Kim! :)

  9. Congratulations to your daughter! What wonderful news!!!

  10. Many congrats to your daughter! That is wonderful, and I wish her the best at her new job!

    Also, congrats to you on keeping up with that much work! You can do it. And you're so very nice to surprise one of your customers. I wont lie, but the gift made me laugh! I'm sure he'll love it.