Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, Banks are Stupid

     Well I dropped Husband off at surgery center and will pick up when they call.  They said the procedure would take 2 hours.  I went to the local baking sale at a large food store here.  They have butter for $1.79 a lb limit 10, so I will be going back.  Also brown sugar and powder sugar for .99 cents.  Cakes mixes for .69 cents. Flour, sugar, pumpkin (although I can my own) just lots of rock bottom prices, so I will stock up for the year.

     I went to US Bank yesterday as I realized that I had run out of check blanks and I needed to do payroll.  I put a deposit in the bank and asked for 2 sheets of checks.  My goal is that after these checks clear I will be closing this account and moving to the CU.  The teller comes back with two sheets, there is a big disclaimer at the top taking over 1/2 the page and only two checks per page.  I said that is not what I want.  Oh well this is how they come now only two checks to a page.  I asked how much they were now, Oh they are free, but when you use them they charge your business account $5.00 a piece.  I looked at her and said loudly.  GIVE ME BACK MY DEPOSIT.  What look of disbelief.  GIVE ME BACK MY DEPOSIT NOW!  She did, I took the $2100.00 in cash to the credit union opened an account and received 12 counter checks free!  I will have a $5.00 monthly charge and have to maintain a minimum balance of $100.00 because it is a business account.  Great!  I am more than happy with that.  What a rip-off.  Who stands for this treatment.  Not me anymore.  I will let all the checks clear and in a month all of my accounts at banks will be closed.  I feel free!
     They have to keep coming up with new strategies to get more money from the average Joe.  I will have one credit card with a 6.49% interest.  I will have a studio card that I hope to be able to payoff every month for costumes when it needs to be used.  That is it.
     I balanced the books yesterday, on both the studio account and the house.  I paid all the bills for the studio.  We only have $128.00 right now, but we still have about $3500.00 out, so any more money that comes in will go straight to CC payment.  My personal account right now is $38.00 in the hole.  But I have deducted bills that will come out automatically later this month.  The new house payment that went from $950.00 to $1400.00 does not leave us any wiggle room.  In fact $4.98 was x-fered out of my overdraft protection to cover the $1400.00 check.  But I am making it, so I will keep plugging along.
     I get so impatient with myself and want my debt payment to go faster and it won't, in fact things might come up that make it go backwards.  Like hubbies surgery, but I know I am still making progress because I have developed good habits and I continue to live by them, eventually I will climb out.
     Out My Window:  It is so beautiful here.  Our oak tree in the front is all golden up against a red leafed dogwood, complete with a burgundy Japanese maple and a blue spruce, stunning.  I almost got into an accident staring at it as I backed out of the driveway.

     Well I have a great deal of sewing to do, also some more banking, and I am going to get more butter.  I also have to run one of my machines in as it is acting up.  (please let it be a cheap fix)  I can only afford one fix every so often and I am fixing husband today. (Judy and Mark get your minds out of ...well where ever your mind just went) Need to get chicken feed and batteries, one of the smoke detectors is chirping.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh wow. Was that a local bank? They have to be kidding... $5/check issued? They must be out of their minds! Though I feel sorry for the poor banker, I'm sure you scared the poor bank teller. I am not sure how business accounts work, so I hope you made a good choice, despite being slightly enraged!

    Sounds like you have still quite a day ahead of you. Hope your husband is doing well with the... whole fixing business. No more staring while you're driving. An accident can be REALLY costly!

  2. wow $5 a cheque! good on you for moving your money. hope everything goes well for hubby today XX

  3. $5 a check is a lot! I belong to a credit union and it's much better.

  4. Wow geez I know where my mind went heheheh, as for Mark he will have to speak for himself but I am pretty sure it went the same way mine went. :)

    Great job switching to the cu I know you will love it there! Hope the hubby is feeling better and um..taken care of..yeah...thats what I was thinking


  5. I don't get charges like that from my bank - yet anyway, but I've been hearing more and more about how much better the credit union is.

    Thanks for stopping by today :-)

  6. Well at least those $5 charges got you moving, so there was some good to that little exchange. But yeah, who are they kidding...people stand for that? I love the colours this time of year - your blog background is gorgeous!

  7. $5.00/cheque is "free"?!?! Geez... Good for you, moving your business!! Unbelievable!

  8. Hope hubby is resting well now. I am so proud of your for standing up for yourself at the bank. That is an unbelievable price to charge to cash a cheque! Hope the rest of your day goes/went well.