Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, it will different now

     I had to laugh at daughter as she left town yesterday.  She packed for the week and plans to come home on Friday's to teach and rehearse the classes.  But I have not paid her any salary this fall.  She is cleaning two buildings, and picks up extra hours with me and with another business she has worked before.  So she is going to get in her car, she has no gas and $10 in her wallet, she also wants to take classes up there from the best ballet teacher in the Northwest.  So I have to go fill her car with gas, and give her a studio check for her tuition.  (I do see the classes as a write off for the studio)  She gets paid on the 10th and will be fine.  But her Dad and I laughed as we had about the same experience with the oldest one when she started working as an attorney.  Kids are just broke when they get out of school at least mine are.

    Daughter cleaned a big older bank downtown and hated going into the basement so she would always pick me up at my bank and I would go do her basement with her.  Well this last couple of months it has been both the bank and her other county building and then she would help me cover whatever extra work was required.  I spent much of this weekend training others to do three buildings.  Now tonight it will be just my building.  Weird, but I am used to going with her.  I will miss the talks but not the work.  I will get home earlier. Yippee!

   It will be interesting to see how this affects my debt pay off.  But I don't think it will change any of my goals before Christmas.  It might affect my payoff next year but we will see.  It is hard to let go of plans that you have in your head and written down, but things change.  I always knew that my daughter would graduate and leave someday and I wanted her to, but it will affect me and I will have to adjust.
     I baked 4 loaves of bread yesterday, yum.  Husband already ate 1/2 a loaf.  I also cooked a roast.  I took this roast out of the freezer and looked at it and I though 2 people?  So I cut it in 1/3's and used 1/3 with potatoes and carrots and onions out of the garden bins.  I also made a chocolate bundt cake.  We still had left over roast.  It is hard for me to cut down when I am used to cooking for a crew.  Well that will save money.
   Out My Window:  Very frosty and cold here.  Youngest daughter came home on Saturday and I sent her back with gloves and scarves, hats.  I also had rec'd a beautiful pair of Sherpa lined leather UGG  boots for Christmas 2 years ago.   We get no snow here and I have winter snow packs for the woods, these are pretty boots. I know that these boot were close to $200.00  I pulled them out and got some wool ski socks out of the trunk.  They fit daughter perfectly and so comfortable and in style!  She was thrilled and I am equally thrilled that they are being worn.  It is at least 30 degrees colder where she lives.  I actually unpacked the Swedish Sweaters this weekend, but still too warm for me to wear them.

     I have a ton of laundry that I have let go by unnoticed and you already know how many pairs of pants came into hem Friday.  Plus that pile grew over the weekend by a few pair.  So I need to get down there and sew.  If I stay busy I won't be lonely.  I have a Jr. High rehearsal at 3 and then onto the studio.


Everyone needs to go give Mysti a big hug, she is struggling with life right now.  Hug Mysti, Hug!

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Thanks Kim! I know it will get better....I just have to let the bad stuff go.

  2. Kim you are a wonderful person! Now you need to try not to work yourself to death by taking on other work!

    So happy for your daughter


  3. Congratulations on the job for your daughter! That's absolutely fabulous news. And, the first one in her class to get a position? You must be very proud. :-)

  4. Actually I am more relieved! Bad Mom!

  5. Kim - remember that you can't do the same amount of work as your were doing now that your daughter has her new position! You wanna keep busy, I get that, but you're only one work as hard as three people but you know what I mean! My 21 yr. old is still at home - I can't imagine this house without her! (I can imagine the bathroom without her however lol!)

  6. Yay for earlier evenings so you can get home and get some rest, right?! :)