Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, A little over 1/2 done

     In laws are here, have not slapped any one yet.  This is a good sign.  I still have about 1/2 my list to go.  It took longer to pay bills and balance books than I thought.  I am also broke!  I will be until I get some money in the shop. Scary!

     I was able to get all of my aprons done and they are so cute, I am going to finish pot holders this morning.  I also need to make a list for last minute groceries.  Mom and Dad and I are going out to find some new towel racks for the down stairs bath.  The ones down stairs are oak and some are broken.  I think they are at least 30 years old.  I don't know how much sewing I can get done with them here.  That is the frustrating part about having company.  I do not get to walk away from my business.  Oh well, it won't be forever.

     The Help is at the $1 theater also we are going to the early show tonight.  I will have oyster stew for dinner, it is simple and warm.  The house feels so cold to me today. Probably because it is cold out side.

     Dad fixed the loose gasket under the kitchen sink for me, it involved bending over and tightening a large screw.  Something my hands could not do and it involved bending over so Hubby would not do that.  He absolutely will do nothing that causes him to bend over.  At the bank we clean, the tellers throw tons of paper clips and rubber bands all over the floor. He has to pick these up by hand and I am thrilled.  Because he is forced to either bend over or get on his hands and knees something he refuses to do at home or in the yard, which is very unfair to me.  I go behind him and if he does a sloppy job I count how many I pick up and then tell him the totals.  It makes him so mad but tough you have to do a good job or you lose your job.  Funny he has never had a promotion and spent the first ten years we were married unemployed.  It could be now that you think of it , that he might have been required to move quickly and bend over to pick something up.  Hmm..... sarcasm.  He does have some good qualities.  Just not as many as me!:)

     Well, I had better get my butt in gear, I want to get a few things done today before Hubby gets  home and insists that I play the part of the devoted wife, which I am not!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. So you haven't slapped the in-laws yet??? LOL! That is priceless!

  2. We celebrate the big and small things in life....not slapping the in-laws is a major accomplishment!

  3. I have my blackbelt in In-Law Slapping. I admire your restraint!lol

  4. Oh you are a funny one today!!!

    Hope you enjoy the movie. I have heard good things.

  5. I will be anxiously awaiting your next post to see who you slapped and why! Sounds a lot like MY family.
    Perhaps your hubby just isn't handy. Michael isn't except at woman's work (cooking, laundry, ironing - yes he was raised by his aunt and a bunch of other women, absolutely NO men around) which, to tell the truth, is great but when it comes to fixing something around the house I either do it myself or hire someone. Just so you know I'm really good at fixing toilets so if you ever need one fixed...I'm just sayin'...

  6. Enjoy "The Help", I loved it!! :)

  7. HEHE is wrong of me to hope you slap them? If not I have a really scary shower curtain I could send you!


  8. The Help was a wonderful movie...I hope you like it. And not slapping the in laws is also a good thing. Good for you!

  9. I would love to see an apron if you're willing to post a photo. :) Enjoy The Help!