Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday, Back on track Hopefully...

      I really need to get back on track or on a schedule as I have so much sewing to do and the next two weeks will be busy, so I need to pay attention.  I am not good at paying attention.  My ADD goes wild. But I am going to be strict with myself. I think.

     We actually got to go to church yesterday for the first time in 6 months.  It was so nice. The bishop called Saturday night and said we could come.  As Hubs is over 65 they are very strict.  We can only go once a month and only when invited. I loved the spirit I felt there.  It was great to be able to go.

     Nathan (son in law) hung some things for me and I took them off my list.

 I put baskets for more storage above the wash/dryer cabinets.  I am going to but tags on these.  The small pantry in the hall that should hold food and some small appliances is full of things we don't use much.  So I will label these and fill them with things I don't want on the pantry.  It is a work in progress.

I finally got the sconces hung on either side of the plate shelf.  You will notice that Bat man has collapsed on the sofa.  These sconces came from a house we owned 33 years ago and I painted and distressed them to match the plate shelf that my dad made years ago.

I bought this reading lamp for Hubs as the room is too dark with the overhead light at night for him to read.  We can lower it and raise it.  Hubs and Nathan are going to build a tall bookshelf for this corner. I think I am going to have to nag to get it done.  We have the wood and the plans.

I had down sized all of our fall things into one tub and they fit perfectly in the house. Which was nice.

Schmills school supplies are all ready for him by is rocking chair.  He starts preschool on Wednesday.

Our house is full of baby paraphernalia, but this grandma thinks it is a privilege.

The weather here is terrible due to fires burning all around us.  IT has been worse but we are not to go outside unless masked.  My asthma is bad and the headaches are not fun.  I don't know how long this will last.  We have lost 4 small towns within 50 miles of us due to raging fires.  It is so sad and I feel so bad for the people who lose everything.  It is tragic.  It looks like there is no end in site for this smoke.  We will need wind (which is a disaster for fires) or rain which would help to clean up the air.

Schools are closed here again due to smoke.  This is the time of year that Hubs and I usually take off and fly out to get away from the smoke.  But that isn't going to happen this year.

Kelsa has officially grown out of her preemie clothes.  Daughter made a nice basket of the sleepers and two packages of preemie diapers to take to the hospital for someone else who has a preemie.  I think most of the outfits were worn once or twice.  I know that nurses love these items to give to parents.

Today I have things out to make lasagna and stuffed shells, but first I have to get into the shop.I have a bridesmaid dress to hem, a wedding dress to hem, some dress pants to hem and a bag of alterations that all have to go out late this afternoon.  I need to get busy.

I also have to call the bank to see when we close on our loan.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Despite the tight squeeze, what a blessing to have your family with you for a bit. Soem day!

  2. It all looks so nice. The storage bins look very handy! I would have a horrible time with the smoke and have to leave like you do. Hopefully, you will be able to sew since things are getting settled.

    1. It is really bad here and no end in site for at least the week.

  3. It is a privilege to be able to help our adult kids when they need it. BTW batman konked out on the couch is an adorable photo!
    Ps-s-s-s-s-t You just moved in. Everything does not have to be done right this minute!

    1. Oh I know but I have help now and I am taking advantage of it. Batman is especially helpful.

  4. Hello Kim!
    Such beautiful photos!
    I love the blue color in your home!!!!
    Prayers for health and safety for you out there, my friend.

    1. It was kind of by accident but it goes well with the antique china.

  5. I am going to show Hubby the picture of the ceiling light. I need one in several areas LOL. Be careful of how much weight you put on top of the cabinets when you already have weight IN the cabinet. We had one fall and crush the top of the washer due to too much total weight. A couple screws on top and a couple on bottom are not enough when holding a lot of weight we learned .
    I would say take a breath but it would be full of smoke. Masks trigger my asthma.Daughter 4 is ordering me some mask brackets to keep the mask off my face but still keep me safe. Said they were at Amazon

  6. did you think that destroying your own children's future would have no consequence? We millennials are now full blown communists, and you boomers are going to watch your country become communist before you finally drop dead

  7. Enjoyed seeing inside your new home

    1. Thanks. I love your house with the black and white check.

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