Thursday, September 9, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 Well my well laid plans did not go off like I had hoped. I was only able to sew one item yesterday, and I am not even charging for that item, so what a deal huh?

Kelsa kept us busy and I was just in constant motion, doing and doing. Mostly picking up, but can't think of anything I really accomplished.

Kelsa managed to hurt herself, by finding one of my stick pins and as I was taking it away from her she poked herself in the struggle, so that led to tears. Then she has learned how to open the bottom drawers in the kitchen, but also to close them on her fingers, and that brought tears.  Then she was playing with a toy and managed to flip it back into her mouth ( I was watching her) and that brought tears.  By the time mommy came she was a sleep on my chest exhausted from crying. It is just that age where they get hurt and you are constantly trying to protect them.

After daughter picked the kids up, Hubs and I went to get a few groceries.  I had to laugh as I was so sure that all I would be getting was the cheese that was .99 a bag and fresh veggies.  But when I checked the list of out of items on the fridge, I was shocked.  We needed, A1 sauce, used the last of it on Sunday. I used up the last of the Worcestershire sauce last night making the meatloaf.  I also used the last of the oatmeal.  We needed to get milk,and all of our salad dressings were down to the dregs. Replace a ketchup bottle I had pulled from storage, also needed to buy a can of Crisco, as the one we have is almost gone. Low on bread crumbs and tobbasco sauce was empty.  Like every condiment had to be replaced.  It was weird. So after filling those needs and the veggies the bill was $55.14.  Now I had a $70.00 budget but I though I would be spending about $20.00.  I also bought a couple of containers of cottage cheese as I am going to make a couple of lasagna's.

My nieces birthday is tomorrow, so we are all going over to decorate my Lil sis's house, while Lil sis has daughter and her hubby on a jet boat tour. It is a surprise party and my other niece from Oregon will be coming in for it.  These sisters have not seen each other in months. I am making the cake.

Our good friends had to put their dog down yesterday and they are devastated, as they should be.  They never had children so pets are everything to them.  I am going to make up a key lime pie and take over as it is their favorite treat.   So that means finding time to make a cake and a pie later today.I had better sew like the wind. I need to make up for lost time yesterday.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change

2. saved all my 5 dollar bills, Saved $55.00 from last post and total is $1925.00 several clients paid in 5's this week

3. saved a$1,$5,$10,$20 bill this week

4. saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

5. put money in my save a penny for the day challenge I did the whole month and it was $79.something and put $80.00 in the can.

6. Stayed under my grocery budget

7. ate all meals at home except one that Lil sis paid for and I left the tip

8. used a coupon at Jo anns

9. used scraps from other bridal dresses to fix a dress

10. Used foods from pantry and freezers for most meals

 Really just the same old, same old.  But my frugal ways make a difference.  They have gotten me out of seriuos debt and continue to bless my life in numerous ways.

What have you done this last week to save money or to be frugal?

Today's list:

1. alter plum mother of the bride

2. hem bridesmaid dress

3. hem bridesmaid dress

4. hem bridesmaid dress

5. alter mother of the bride dress

6. hem bridesmaid dress

7.hem bridesmaid dress

8. rip a wedding dress and start to alter

9. alter a wedding dress for appointment


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Watching that baby was enough to do in a day! Kids sure know how to do whatever to hurt themselves!
    At least you got stocked back up.
    Don't over work!

  2. She sounds busy! It kept us busy and exhausted. Kids know how to do so much and learn do fast and get hurt in the process. I am glad there were two of you.

    1. It takes two. How did I raise three when he was at work?

  3. Do you ever make wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses? Or is your business only altering them?

    1. I just alter. Now I have made them for friends and family, but is it really less expensive to buy them on sale for the amount that fabric costs and the time.

  4. Babies take it out of you. There's no rest when they are around, let alone being productive!

    1. They are work and work killers that is for sure, but so sweet and fun.

  5. I honestly do not know how you get anything done when you have the little ones there Kim - when I have my grandson for the day I just end up writing the entire day off as he takes all my time & energy. You do really well my friend.

  6. I agree with Julie-nothing would get done if I was n charge of little ones. I'm just trying to avoid spending money, but there are so many places and people that want my money!

    1. Isn't that the truth. IT is always something. Today it is oil change for the car, and a gift for nieces birthday. Yesterday it was filling the truck with gas. It is almost everyday.