Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, another chart!

 First of all I can't believe it is Thursday and secondly I keep thinking it is Friday.  How can a week go by so quickly and yet be so long it is not Friday yet. I feel like I need to come up for air.

Hubs is on his way back home and the funeral is set for Tuesday.  Our Eldest just called me and she had a long list of paperwork that she had just gotten done for mom, and was on her way back to Twin Falls. There is SSI, Montana retirement, death certificate to order and other financial things that mom will need to take care of and eldest set up all that and appointments to meet with people.  She also made hotel reservations for our family and girls and spouses. 

We are set to go back on Sunday and everyone else will come in late Monday. I do not know how long Hubs and I will stay down there, but I hope to have all sewing done before I leave so we are not rushing back before we need to.  I have cleared my schedule for next week as far as babysitting is concerned.  Heavy sigh!

Completed another chart yesterday, and this catching up business has been good for the old pocketbook.

I did get quite a bit of sewing done yesterday and still have things I want to get done today if possible.  I cleaned house some last night and most of this morning, but I have everything done so far as that goes. That is a load off.

I had a good laugh with my sister in laws and daughter as they had to deal with Hubs (aka Sheldon Cooper) during a stressful situation. Finally daughter gave up and sent him home.  I said 4 days that is all you could deal with?  Try living with him.  They all understood how well I needed break. HE can be very, very difficult, not that he is hard to get along with, he just does not have the social capacity to see beyond the end of his nose.  Although I will tell you he has a great sense of humor.Luckily daughter can fill in where he is weak and try and control him.

I am going to get this pile of things done today and hope to have nothing else before we leave.

1. finish woman's suit alteration

2. get a pile of things done

3. alter 6 pairs of scrub pants

4. alter a homecoming dress

5. alter a tuxedo

6. deep clean my shop

7. run to bank

8. run to Joanns

That is it.  No more!

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change in my pig bank

2. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

3. saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

4. saved all my $5.00 bills I have lost track of what I have saved I am going to go with added $140.00 in the last two weeks as I forgot to post last week.  So far have saved a little over $2145.00

5. Really did not grocery shop this week, picked up some cheese on sale.  Also used a $7.00 grocery credit that would go bad after today.

6. didn't cook all week just ate leftovers.

7. redid bedroom with things I bought on super good sales and I love it.

8. used up all leftovers in fridge and sent much food home with missionaries so it did not go bad.

9. found .95 cents at Mcd's and 3 pennies at Albertsons this week.

Not a really big saving week, but I will take what I can get.

Hubs just walked in so I am off.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Hard to think of thrift when your family has more important things to figure out. Well done the chart.

  2. For now just get any loose ends taken care of with your alterations business, then get ready for next week.

    1. I know just a few more to do and I am out of here.

  3. My sister would tell ya'll to get 25 death certificates-they are very expensive to get later on. She ended up needing 23 after her husband died.

  4. I, too, have heard a person needs multiple death certificates.

  5. Sounds like you're getting caught up just in time. Have a safe trip.

  6. Congrats on finishing another chart! Sounds like your eldest daughter is a list making queen too. She learned from the best!

  7. Our funeral homes take care of ordering death certificates here - you just tell them how many you want. Of course you pay for all but one of them!
    Glad your daughter has helped out so much. I kind of snorted at the Sheldon Cooper reference - that is funny. (I watch that every night). One show that makes me laugh.
    I hope you get everything done and caught up - so you can take your time while gone next week.

    1. Well just so you know I am married to him. Even his co workers called him Sheldon.

  8. I like the idea of getting all of your sewing done, so you can truly take next week off & be available as needed. It will be so much less stressful that way.

    1. Yes but the problem with that is I don't want to and I am sick of it.

  9. You are on a roll with those charts! Amazing!
    Glad your daughter is helping with the paperwork. That is one less worry for your mil and you all.
    Safe travels and prayers for comfort during this time.