Friday, October 1, 2021

Friday, for the love of Scissors

 One of my really good friends here always goes to a sewing expo in Portland Oregon. She goes every year and has for as long as I have known her.  She always brings me back 2 sets of really nice sewing scissors. They come in sets of three.  A dress shear, a hand shear and a small trimming shear. I go though about 2 sets of these shears a year.  They are wonderful and even though I have purchased expensive sewing scissors before, this brand she brings me seems to last the longest.  Plus having 6 different pairs in various sizes is good for my messy ADHD brain as I can almost always find a pair within reach.

So COVID has been hard on the scissors here.  There was no expo last year and this year it was on line. I did find a set of scissors in a drawer when we moved over a year ago and I have been using them but they are so dull and it has been a frustration.  So I called my friend Sue and complained and she had just cleaned her sewing room and found a few sets of these scissors.  She brought them over right away yesterday afternoon.  Bless her heart.  It is so nice to have new scissors that are sharp.  I had forgotten how nice it is.  It is a small thing but such a blessing.

I made hubs take me out to dinner last night.  SO much for saving money.  But I was emotionally and physically exhausted. We went to Mexican food and we have leftovers for lunch today. It is nice to have him back.  I LAUGHED AT HIM LAST NIGHT AS HE SAT IN HIS SPOT.  I asked if  he was happy and he said yes.  SUCH A CREATURE OF HABIT. You have no idea.  I was waiting for his commentary on the bedroom as change is very hard for him.  He was very concerned about his pillows not being different and I told him they were the same sleeping pillows.  Yes his hard pillow was there, he just had to put the decorative pillows on the floor at night. Men! 

He had a cute idea for the funeral.  Dad loved  nuts and chews chocolates,  SO we are going to stop and get chocolates from his favorite place in Weiser and have everyone take a chocolate as they leave the funeral. He would love to have all of us munching on boxes of chocolates at his gravside.

I am getting swamped today by out of the country nurses, that have been sent here by the government to work at the nursing homes, as we cannot get enough nurses due to the COVID numbers.  Anyway this group is being put up at a local hotel and they are from the Dominican Republic.  All their suitcases did not get forwarded, so no scrubs.  The hospitals are trying to outfit them so they can go to work.  I spent a good many hours last night altering what ever scrubs could be found for these nurses and one doctor so they could be to work this afternoon at 2. They are finally done thank goodness.  I just did not feel I could say no to them as they are so needed here. They were very grateful.I was up too late and I am tired.

I also got that tuxedo ripped last night and another few things so my goals for today are to get this list done.

1. finish tuxedo

2. finish bag of alterations

3. hem 4 pairs of heavy work pants

4. alter yet another homecoming dress.

5. clean the shop

6. get laundry done

7. go to banks

8. pick up prescriptions

9. what is for dinner? definitely a cucumber and tomato salad.

10. pay all the bills for the month before we leave.

Tomorrow will be a little bit of normal as we attend  a couple of really exciting soccer games with 5 year old's playing.  We will go out to lunch with kids.  I have to run some dresses to the Waste Water treatment plant for B to try on and she has to work tomorrow.  Then home to get packed up and get the things arranged to leave.  SO many last minute things to do.  Hubs needs one of his new suit altered crap who is going to do that? :0

Well I am off to get something done.  I don't know what first, running with scissors.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Can you not get scissors sharpened? like knives? There's got to be a place to take them or send them in? it seems like such a waste

  2. My Gingher scissors are about $50/pair. I think I used them more than you do. I had them sharpened once a year whether they needed it or not. I used snips to cut threads. I never used my cloth scissors on paper, so they lasted. I had scissors all over the house and left the Gingher scissors in the sewing room so no one else would use them for wire or paper or cardboard.

    1. Did you mean you used that specific pair more than Kim, or any scissors? Kim's business is sewing so I can't imagine anyone doing more, but interesting.

  3. JP, I wondered that too. What's the scissors brand? You're a good person to take care of the nurses and doctors uniform needs.

  4. Nurses from another country? Wow….. we are in a mess, aren’t we.
    I like the chocolate idea very much.

  5. Chocolate idea is great. Scissors can be sharpened. We actually have an Amish guy that does that along with kitchen knives. Hubby doesn't care if there are frilly stuff in bedroom or anywhere else. Neither do any of my sons or grandsons.

  6. Kim, just getting caught up. I am so sorry for your loss. You are such a strong woman but please remember to let others share your burden. Sounds like your daughter has really stepped up. Little kids and soccer are hilarious. Terry

  7. Watching little kids play soccer is so much fun. Enjoy!

  8. Hope you had fun watching the little ones play soccer. They are so cute.

    You are a sweetheart to get those scrubs done so those nurses and the doctor could go to work.

    God bless.

  9. Kim, I’m so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your dh.

    How neat of your friend to bring you the scissors. And Mexican food for dinner, yum.