Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wednesday, getting things done!

 Well I kept my nose to the grindstone yesterday and it is a little bit tender today.  As in I have a slight headache, but maybe if I eat something I will feel better.

Hubs is out hunting today, which is good as I can get through the work that needs done faster without him here, but I am also worried he will get a big buck and then as we are leaving, where will he store it.  It is too warm here to leave it hanging long and he will have to process it himself and my poor house.... Okay not going to think about that.

I only have two piles of things to get done and I believe that will take me an hour, so I am on track with the sewing.

Kelsa was good yesterday and I was able to get through the list in pretty good order.

Hubs had saved me two slices of bacon and I was able to make my chowder.  I usually use a lot more and it just goes to prove that we use too much meat in many dishes we make. Nathan came to pick up the kids at about 5:30 so had dinner with us and that was nice.  I thought we would have the kids until about 8:00 and we did not. Also Hub's took Kelsa with him when he went to pickup SCHMILLS AND ALSO TOOK HER FOR AN HOUR WALK IN THE STROLLER. I had more free time to get sewing done. So good of him.

This morning, I got a few important errands done, like stopping to get a prescription I needed as would run out on the trip.  Also put a check in the bank and paid a bill and picked up a bank statement so I can pay other bills.  All things that needed to be done.  SO LESS OFF MY MIND. I also called the family that takes care of the chickens and cat and asked them to cover the days both Hubs and I will be gone. Hubs should be back next Monday.

Now I just have to concentrate on the things that are left to do.

1. finish missionary pants (I started them last night)

2. get a pile of alterations done

3. pay bills

4. get the last of the laundry done

5. what's for dinner?

6. get the ironing done

7. make a list for packing myself

8. make a list for packing the car ( we need to take some gifts down)

9. pack myself.

10. make sure hub's has cash

11. take saved cash to bank, (business bank)

12. get last two in town missionary apartments visited ( we did two last night)

SO right now I am going to get something to eat, and then get those few sewing things done. After that I will decide what to do next. 

Leaving town for a vacation is a lot of work.  But don't you think it is worth it? I still can't beleive I am going to Hawaii. I am getting excited.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



  1. Have a great time on your vacation! Post pics please when you can! Cindy in the South

  2. Sounds like hubby has helped a lot. Good for him.
    Have a fantabulous trip - we are all living through you!!!!!!
    Stay safe.

    1. I am so excited. The only thing that could be better is if all of you were along!

  3. Have so much fun on your vacation. Relax & enjoy all of the time. Vacations are very much worth it!

    1. I hope so as I have had to work so hard to get one.

  4. Are you going to show us pictures of you rocking a hula skirt?

    1. Oh yes complete with coconut bra, which I will not be able to fill out.

  5. Have a wonderful vacation.

    God bless.

  6. You keep mentioning putting money in the bank! Stop that! Have fun on your vacation.

    1. Well there was too much cash in the house for Hub's to feel comfortable.

  7. Enjoy your vacation! I am so excited for you!

  8. Hawaii is beautiful. You are going to have a fabulous time.

    1. I am so excited to be going I have to pinch myself.