Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thursday, another chart!,Thrifty Thursday

 COMPLETED ANOTHER CHART, so I am onto #20. I have had two wedding dresses picked up making the shop much more pleasant. Also will have another large dress picked up Tuesday and then another was tried on yesterday and it fit perfectly so now I just have to finish it up and that is all hand work.

Hubs has agreed to come back from his folks late Sunday, so I won't lose another day of sewing.  When I explained to him that I had a minimum of two wedding dresses and at least 6 bridesmaid dresses due out for each of the next two weeks, besides all the piles, he realized that I just needed more shop time and more help.  

I loved what Practical Parsimony told me about her friend who made salt dough ornaments at Christmas.  She told her husband she could either do the dishes or make $150.00 worth of ornaments,what did he want her to do? Now my situation is different, but also the same in many ways.  I can only do what I can do, and Hubs needs to step up in some ways to allow me to do that. By the way he is much, much better than he used to be and I am very grateful.Yesterday he put Kelsa down for two one hour naps, changed all the diapers, and took her for a one hour walk in her stroller freeing up more time for me and less interruptions.

 After my melt down, I just looked at my list yesterday and got the things done I had to and then I said enough! I could do more sewing, but I am tired, the house is a mess and I am going to clean this shop and see if I can make myself feel better.  So I started out with reorganizing things and cleaning up the scraps from the floor and picking up all pins before vacuuming.  My Sissie bought me a wonderful Shark vacuum when mom died and I have taken loving care of it.  It has been the best vacuum I have ever had.  But a sewing shop is the hardest thing there is on a vacuum and even though I have kept it clean, and washed the filters and cleaned the brushes, it finally gave up the ghost yesterday as in the motor froze and gave out a puff of smoke.  It was about 3.5 years old.

So I took off last night and went to Wally world and got a new Shark.  I also picked up an o cedar mop bucket, as the steam mop leaves such bad streaks on this laminate floor, that I decided to go ahead and steam mop to remove germs and then mop over and see if it will dry better.  I also picked up three flats of cabbage flowers and small mums for the flower boxes that need to be switched out from spring flowers.  Like I have time for this, but I had a plan.

I came home with my new loot and put the vacuum together and it worked like a charm. WE also went and looked over two missionary apartments last night and I had two Elders, come over this morning and plant all those plants for me!  Hey they want dinner on fast Sunday they can plant flowers for me. SO THAT IS ALL DONE AND THEY LOOK GREAT!

My mess, and it gets to a point I can't function,so I stopped after I finished my list yesterday at about 5 o'clock, told Hubs to forage for dinner and I cleaned

See the clean floor, the wedding dress on the ironing board I will finish today sometime and also the drapes on the floor and few other things but that is it.  I am taking a much needed break, as I have been on a dead run for three days.

Doesn't this look better? It feels better too!

My door handle after three days of hubs fussing and stewing and dropping and losing and interrupting me for help.  Do you see a problem, besides the greasy fingerprints all over? He said it was fixed, and the first customer that used it the other side fell off in her hand.  I was done. Stillman came over after work last night and replaced it, bless his little heart.  He also helped me order a new part for the over head light that is not working and he will come and fix it when it comes in.  But I was trying to feed hubs ego.

SO Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change in my pig bank

2. saved all my $5 bills now have. $2005.00 saved and $70.00 from last post I was paid with 5's alot this last week.

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. saved mney in two of my 100 envelope challenge

5. ate cucumbers, onions and tomatoes from garden.  

6. cooked from scratch most meals with foods from pantry and freezers

7. purchased loss leader cheese from grocery adds last week and then a slew of condiments, but they will last a long time.

8.  Used coupons at Joanns

9. down loaded receipts to fetch 

10. Had Hubs drive my car as it takes less gas than the truck

11. found the cheapest gas in town to fill up vehicles.

12. recorded a part off Amazon to fix a light rather than replace fixture.  Difference of over $60.00

13. cut all herbs and dried them for this winter.

14. Had a girlfriend give me a ton of sewing thread.  Great less I have to buy.

Today before I start sewing I am going to run a list of errands that I sorely need to do.  Just getting out of the house and driving around to do errands is helping me release some of the pent up stress I have been experiencing the last few days.

1. go to bank

2. take items I have de cluttered to St Vinnies

3. Go to dry cleaners and get used hangers for shop

4. Find some fall candles

 5. go check mum prices at Home Depot I still have mney on a gift card

6. Find some inexpensive fall garland just because I want some.

Then get my butt home to sew.

Thanks for all the impute on how you re leave stress, can you work well in a messy environment, or do you have a level where you just cease to function like I do?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Loved your before and after photos. Holy moley it was a mess. My head would explode if I had to keep working so I understand the need to clean! Good work!

    1. It gets that way in no time. I mean within a couple of days, and finally I can't stand it!

  2. Your sewing room looks great! Good job. That would have drove me nuts as well.

    1. It gets pretty deep in there and the room is very small which makes it worse.

  3. Love the photos Kim & Yes I work much better in a tidy sewing room too. I start to loose things if I get in too much of a mess - tiny things like little rosette flowers that I may need. I wish I lived just down the road - I would happily clean the shop & your house for you. Don't forget to show us a pic of your planted flower boxes if you remember. Take care & remember to just BREATHE today. xx

  4. Kudo's Kim you did an awesome job in getting your work space tidy once again.

    Great thrifty moves as well.

    God bless.

  5. Well, the fact it did not look too messy should tell you something. Just close the drawers! however, I had plenty of floor space. I would have to have perfectly clean floors if I sewed on a wedding dress or picked stitching. My serger and collarette both left a gallon or two of threads and little strings of fabric on the floor, but I used a waste basket for them to fall into. So, mostly the floors stayed clean. I could not sew with lots of stuff beside the head...drove me nuts because I would keep swiping things off in the floor. Well, you got it cleaned up. Needing a light is a major emergency in my books.

    1. I have a nice over hang lamp but the lighting in those rooms is bad for sewing. Something I am going to change.

  6. It's a cute shop when organized. Not being a sewer, I don't have a brain for your kind of work, but when I feel like my work desk and surrounding counter space is cluttered my mind gets cloudy. I need a good tidy now that I think about it.

    1. It does help to clean things up, but as a very creative person I can work well in clutter. I don't like it but can work in it.

  7. I have a nice trash can by my sewing table... where is yours? LOL
    I also replaced sewing cabinet with a tiled 3 x 3 table (was son 2's dining table) really nice to just wipe down and hot glue from crafts come right off. Still trying to figure out a layout here. Way down on the to do list.
    Errands are Tuesday afternoons every other week.

    1. Come on Chef I have a trash can it is the floor can't you tell!

  8. Yes! You are taking time for yourself! As much as you seem to thrive on chaos, sometimes it's necessary to calm it down a bit, isn't it?

    And having your DH on board (for the moment, at least) is wonderful! Not demeaning your DH in any way, but reality for most of us is our priorities differ and we forget to communicate current needs effectively. Mind-reading lessons, anyone? ;-)

    While I'm also a creative person, my tolerance for a messy workspace is considerably lower than yours! *lol* Not that I am neat by nature; I just get annoyed with myself when I can't find something or I lack space (due to clutter) to work on a project effectively. *sigh* One would think I would learn by this time of life! *lol*

    Wishing you very productive days with sufficient calm to maintain physical and mental health. :-)